My Rating 5★★★★★ SCREW THE PLAN AND JUST WING IT ~ Stars

Title: Out Of Plans
Author: Stylo Fantome
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Type: Book 2 of 2 from The Mercenaries series
POV: Third Person
Expected Publication: December 15, 2015

“You and I? We make the best ‘big mistakes’, ever.” Marc


Out Of Plans picks up six months after the most upsetting ending of the history of book endings haha. Liliana (Lily) Brewster was upset and angry at Marc and she was bound to train and be better than he was. Her goal was to train and be good enough to go avenge the death of her sister. Of course she wished she finds Marc as well but pretended that he didn’t matter to her anymore. She tried to blackout his memory and forgets about him. Little did Lily know that her destiny was bound to come crashing right back to him and back to where they were before fighting for their life together. However this time around she was smarter and stronger.

“I was always stronger than you, you just never realized it.” Lily


Marcelle (Marc) Da Sant is trying to do what he thinks is the best; he is in a mission to do something to protect the woman he loved but he let her go. He was bound to keep her safe but what Marc didn’t realized and it sure took him long enough to realized was; this woman he fell for was stubborn and was never going to stop fighting for what she wanted. Marc was very impressed when he crossed path with Lily and this time he wanted to fight for her and keep her. However; Lily wasn’t giving in so easy. Some people may say she was too harsh on him but I thought she was badass and he had to get it in his head they were both a team and they had to trust each other and believe in each other to make things work.


“Now that he knew she wasn’t living a peaceful normal life…he couldn’t bear the thought of her being out of his sight.” Marc


Kingsley Law; what can I say he was amazing. Lily reached out to him for help and he was there always. He was a badass assassin and I would have given anything to fall head over heels for him but my heart was and had always been with Marc. I felt horrible that he and Lily would have never made a couple they were awesome together as a team; as best friends who understood and could read each other’s thoughts. But her heart was Marc’s and I loved that.


This book was packed with action; suspense; it was sexy full of funny moments just plain awesome. These three found themselves again being chased by killers running for their lives and it’s a total roller coaster ride. They finally run out of plan and have to just go with it and follow their instincts but this time it was Lily’s call; oh boy did I loved how these two man would give their lives for this woman. And what Lily did at the end wow left me breathless and speechless. I love a badass heroine and who doesn’t like two hot sexy assassins to go with it?! Hmmm YES PLEASE!. Defiantly recommend this amazing book to all my friends. And I just wish that we get Kingsley’s book he needs a badass heroine for himself as well. He is just amazing. You hear me Stylo??!! *hint*hint* we want Law’s book.


“They were something better. Something unified. Something unbreakable.” Lily


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