Erlöst~Unleashed~Kathryn Taylor

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Unleashed is a short novella continuing the romance story of Jonathan and Grace. This is the third book (listed as 2.5) in The Colours of Love Series. Each book must be read in order.



“Our union was exactly as I dreamed it would be-uninhibited, wild, and all consuming, and I smile happily because I feel close to him.”-Grace

Unleashed picks up one year after Uncovered. Jonathan and Grace have been married for a year and both have found solace in each other. Grace has found professional success working at Jonathan’s company and both have found a comfortable ease in living together as a married couple.

“It’s gonna be OK, I tell myself, trying to ignore the fear creeping up in me. The thought that I might lose Jonathan is simply to terrible to imagine.”-Grace

As per most married couples, as time passes, things begin to change and both most come to terms with these changes. In addition to marital conflict, some past adversaries reappear to cause havoc for Jonathan and Grace. Both Jonathan and Grace have secrets and are hesitant to open up to one another. Can Grace and Jonathan overcome the demons of their past and walk boldly together towards their future?


“You’re mine, Grace. All mine. Don’t forget that.”-Jonathan

Unleashed was a rather quick read with a simple conflict and a simple resolution. Although I thoroughly enjoyed being back with these characters, I was certainly hoping for a more complex plot. There was a great deal of “misunderstandings” and simple “miscommunication” that seemed ill-suited for these two characters. After the journey we have taken with them through the first two books in the series, it seemed slightly unbelievable. Elements that remained strong in this read are the passionate “physical and emotional” connection that Jonathan and Grace share. Additionally, I was quite pleased to see some of my favorite secondary characters from the series flourishing a year after we had seen them last.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoy the writing style of Ms. Taylor. Considering the text has been translated from German to English I can sincerely say that nothing is lost in translation. Jonathan and Grace are still very special characters for me and although this wasn’t my favorite in the series, I am still very glad that I read this quick glimpse of their lives. I would certainly read more from this author in the future.

***Colours of Love Series***
Uncovered (Colours of Love, #2) by Kathryn Taylor Unleashed (Colours of Love #2.5) by Kathryn Taylor Unbound - Colours of Love by Kathryn Taylor




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