Moneyshot~Scott Hildreth


★ 4.5 Vince Stole My Heart Stars ★

“Living, it itself, was my gift; and I felt it was my responsibility to do so to the best of my ability.”


Moneyshot is the sixth book in the Selected Sinners Series. Although the characters are present within the course of the entire series, each book can be read as a stand alone! This is my second dance with one of Mr. Hildreth’s Selected Sinners and I can say with complete certainty that it left me breathless and aching for more!
Sienna is a free spirit with a big heart. She spends her days reading books, perusing Goodreads, and writing reviews (hmm…sounds eerily familiar). Sienna doesn’t have any family or friends and instead find solace in her books. She is completely aware that there is something missing in her life and yet, she is perfectly content to live independently doing what she loves. To say that I liked this heroine would be the understatement of the century. Nothing is more refreshing than a woman who is confidant in her “single status” and content with the possibility that someday she will be able to share herself with another.

“Life is too short to read bad books or wear ugly shoes.”-Sienna


When Selected Sinner Vince stumbles onto Sienna’s front door step, Sienna catches a glimpse of what is missing in her life. Vince, just looking for some gas for his broken down bike, recognizes Sienna as something different. Burned by his cheating ex wife, Vince lives by his own code of rules and regulations. He is a fearless man and loyal to a fault.

“His choice to be alone in life wasn’t some form of self imposed punishment…but a protective measure to make sure he didn’t expose himself to the pain and heartache associated with people not keeping their promise.”


“I knew if I ever chose to see her again, I’d damned sure have my hands full. And I wasn’t totally convinced that would be a bad thing. Not totally.”-Vince

However set in his belief system, Sienna begins to crack the veneer of his guarded heart. Vince and Sienna begin to spend time together chatting books, philosophies on life, and the mundane chatter of their daily lives. Sienna recognizes her attraction to Vince right away. Although the trend in most women might be to “seize the day” and “get you want”, Sienna exudes patience and respect for Vince. When Vince recognizes that Sienna might be an investment worth making, he simply asks her if she wants to “try to be a couple.”

“It was the kiss that sets the standard for every other kiss that might follow it.”-Sienna


“Anything else?”-Vince
“Yeah, there’s one other thing. Make me scream your name.”-Sienna
“Just remember you asked for this…”-Vince

Sienna and Vince have no trouble connecting intimately. The precious time spent “getting to know each other” only strengthened their relationship. Another alluring element to this read is the element of the “magic of the first time”. Each moment with Vince and Sienna was new and like old souls reuniting, the energy was “sure and steady” throughout.

“I’m in love. I have all the company I need.”-Sienna

The subtle mannerisms of the characters paired with the complex characterization kept me invested the entire read. I admired Sienna’s character for her enduring love for Vince and I respected Vince’s desire to live a “simple” and “unencumbered” life. Together, Vince and Sienna offered a unique blend. Vince’s brittle edges paired perfectly with Sienna’s smooth and carefree personality. Told in dual POV,Moneyshot is a true delight. The dialogue is rich with color, sprinkled with action, and full of heart. The pacing is steady and the plot is layered in depth. Additionally, the secondary characters enhanced the read because of the constant undercurrent of friendship, brotherhood, and love! Both Sienna and Vince experience a significant transformation due to the perseverance of their family and friends.


“Vince Ames may have been a biker, a criminal of sorts, and a debt collector for drug dealers, but to me, he was perfect. And I deserved his perfection.”-Sienna

Overall, Moneyshot is another book reverently stocked on the “must read now” shelf. The characters are unforgettable and the love story of Vince and Sienna is comparable to that of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. In this case, “slow and steady wins the race”. I look forward to exploring more of Mr. Hildreth’s work and I highly recommend this read to all of my friends who believe “it’s never too late” and “love is always enough.”

“And I danced like it was the last time I would ever have a chance.”

***Selected Sinners MC***
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★ Read during Shh… IndieSTAR chat with Frazier, Contreras, Keeland & Hildreth: Dec. 6-12!…

★Copy graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you for sharing your work with me!


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