Ex-Con~ Scott Hildreth

★4.5 I need more EX-CON STARS!★

“All we needed was a second chance.”


EX-Con is the fifth book in the Selected Sinners MC Series. Although the characters are intertwined throughout the series, each book can be read and devoured as a stand alone. This was my first Scott Hildreth read and I assure you it will not be my last!


In the opening scene of EX-Con, we are introduced to a vibrant young woman named Emily. After a night of partying, she finds herself in a precarious state with a “handsy” frat boy. Lucky for Ms. Em, Jackson (a member of the Hell’s Fury MC) quickly comes to her aid.

“My savior was tall, extremely muscular, and what portions of his body weren’t covered by the seemingly microscopic leather vest he was wearing were decorated with tattoos.”-Em


Emily and Jackson have an instant attraction to one another and yet, it is the emotional connection that is made that draws Jackson to Emily like a moth to a flame.

“Okay, Jackson the biker, you’ve got my attention, now what?”-Em

Although Emily is anxious to jump into bed with the “honorable, tattooed, bad biker”, Jackson is not into meaningless sex. If Emily and Jackson were to pursue a relationship it would be only if Emily is able to agree to Jackson’s terms for sharing his bed. Additionally, Jackson makes it clear that it must be a mutual decision that they make together! Jackson is hesitant to invest in a relationship because he has already suffered the loss of two lovers.

“What if my future with anything or anyone is sealed from what I’ve done in the past.”-Jackson

As Jackson and Emily’s friendship blossoms, the sexual tension continues to increase. As trust is built between the two, a beautiful friendship is formed and the foundation of long lasting love is established. Once Em and Jackson enhance their emotional bond by adding the physical connection, the intensity increases as they both begin to feel deeply for one another. Although Emily is no virgin, Jackson’s preferences in the bedroom are new and exciting for her. Em feels like a kid on Christmas morning every time they are together. (As the reader, you will too! Thank you for that Mr. Hildreth!)


“I realized I wasn’t only being fucked by Jackson Shephard. I was deeply in love with him.”-Em

Jackson and Emily share an intense bond that only grows stronger throughout the development of the story. At the exact moment you feel that the read is coasting to a HEA 40% too early, everything shifts. Jackson is torn from Em and it is questionable if they will ever find their way back together again.




EX-Con is an expertly crafted story with complex characters, an intense plot, action, and explosive sex scenes. Each moment is depicted with precision in a way that the reader feels transported directly into the scene. Told in dual POV,EX-Con is so much more than a biker romance. This is truly the tale of a man overcoming betrayal, abandonment, and loss. This is the tale of a woman who finds trust and unconditional love in the arms of an “unconventional man”. What is most remarkable about this read is the many layers that are explored within the characters. Because the story takes place over many years, we experience the longevity of the “sense of loss” and the tender moments of joy! The writing style of Mr. Hildreth is fluid and natural throughout. The dialogue is witty and heartfelt. The tempo is well paced and each element of the plot was well balanced as the action increases.

“Jackson wasn’t a man I had simply fallen in love with, he had become a part of my inner being. No differently than my lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver were all needed to keep me alive, Jackson was now a necessary part of my existence. Without him, I was certain to wither and die.”-Em


“He made me a promise that he’d eventually always come home. And Jackson Shephard never breaks a promise.”-Em


“Yes, sir?”

Overall, EX-Con is so much more than the typical “biker banging romance novel”. It is unique because of the well crafted blend of romance, passion, action, and everything in between. I found this read to be utterly delightful because of the two main characters Emily and Jackson. Both independent and strong characters alone and yet, together they are a powerhouse! Due to the extreme sexual desires of this hero, the tender romance between the two main characters, the well developed plot, and the driving action, I’d say there is something for everyone in this read! I simply cannot express the excitement I am feeling in regards to discovering a new author to explore. The playground is open for business and this girl is ready to play! Thankfully, Moneyshot is already locked and loaded on my kindle!

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★Copy graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you for sharing your work with me!


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