Merry Christmas from Scott Hildreth



A Note from Scott…

I have placed every book I have written (23 novels) on sale for 99 cents from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve.

FREE CHRISTMAS SHIT GIVEAWAY #2. (Another Kindle giveaway) So, I announced this morning that all of my books are on sale for 99 cents, including new releases and best sellers (yes, ALL books, 99 cents for the Holidays), but I also announced I was giving away the 12 paperbacks of Christmas and a new Kindle Fire.

Well, I want to give away ANOTHER Kindle. (yeah, I bought a lot of them to give away)

So, here’s the deal.

Tell me how having a Kindle Fire 7″ would change your life for the better.

We (Jess, Kat and I) will read all of the entries, and pick a winner based on the originality of the story and our collective belief of your life’s improvements based on the anticipated ownership.

The contest ends on Christmas day, and the winner will be announced no later than 8:00 (20:00) Christmas day.

Good luck.

And have a Merry Christmas.

Post your response here:

All of my 99 cent books can be found HERE: Scott Hildreth on Amazon


Don’t miss this opportunity!  Grab as many as you can now!

Check out Elizabeth’s Reviews Here:

Moneyshot:   Liz’s review of Moneyshot

excon1 Liz’s review of Ex-Con

undefeated1  Liz’s review of Undefeated

~Don’t miss out on this amazing STEAL!!!  Get yourself a special gift this Christmas! 🙂





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