Twin Runes~ Rebecca Brooke


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“Warm. Safe. Loved.”-Kara

Twin Runes offers a unique blend of the Paranormal and New Adult genre. I found the book to be a highly entertaining and a thoroughly enjoyable read.


“I don’t know my name….!”-Kara

Kara wakes up in a hospital with a pounding headache and no memory. Although she should feel panic, instead she feels perfectly at peace due to the presence of one good looking man by her side. Larsen knows exactly who Kara is. He has been sent to the “earth world” to protect her. Kara has special powers and has been targeted by the rebels of their world. She is reluctant to trust Larsen completely and yet, he seems to have special calming powers and she is enchanted by him. She leaves the hospital and goes home with Larsen.

“The calming presence Larsen brought with him, settled over me like a blanket. At that moment, I wasn’t afraid even though I couldn’t remember. I felt safe with him next to me. My heartbeat slowed with the connection of our skin.”-Kara


Because Kara has spent her life on earth with humans, she has no idea of her powers or of the existence of a different world. As her trust for Larsen continues to flourish, her memories begin to unfold. When she discovers that Larsen has deceived her (by omission of course), she runs. Her memories return like a tsunami. Kara cannot deny her attraction to Larsen nor can she battle the rebels without the knowledge of her powers. Larsen and his twin brother Jakob eventually convince her to trust them and the battle begins.

“The love in his eyes made it clear we were in this together.”-Kara


Told in dual POV, Twin Runes has action, an intricate plot, and extremely likable characters. Due to the paranormal element, the attraction and “pairing” between Larsen and Kara is instant and yet, their connection was sincere and highly enjoyable to experience. The intimate scenes between Kara and Larsen were quite intoxicating. There is just something special about a well written Paranormal Romance!

“We have all the time in the world.”-Larsen


“Our runes can connect with anyone who is a potential soulmate.”-Larsen

I especially enjoyed the symbolism of the rune markings. As the relationship between Kara and Larsen began to grow, the marks on their bodies intensified. When their relationship was made permanent, the marks became black and like their relationship, they will stay with them forever! The tempo of the read was well paced and I was anxious for everything to unfold. Some elements of the plot were a bit predictable but overall, I was beyond pleased with the final results. The secondary characters enhanced the plot and were as intriguing as the main characters! The ending was left open so I sincerely hope Ms. Brooke will continue this series. I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens next!

“You’re mine. Forever.”-Larsen


Overall, Twin Runes is a must read for PRN/NA book lovers. The combination of steamy romance, action, and the well crafted plot makes this book a true delight! I implore Ms. Brooke to give us more!!!!! I will be ready and waiting!



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