Odium 0.5 The Dead Saga~ Claire C. Riley

★4.5 “DARK and DEAD” Stars★.

“The dead didn’t sleep, it seemed. They only killed.”-Nina


Odium 0.5 grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. This Sci-Fi Thriller has action, heart, and enough heartbreak to get your blood pumping. Get your survival kit ready because this is one hell of an apocalypse!


Odium 0.5 begins with the world as it should be. Nina is just a typical young woman struggling with the daily tasks of life as she slowly watches her marriage shrivel and die. Just when it seems like the most important thing in the world is getting your favorite pair of shoes and escaping your nosey neighbor everything changes for Nina.

“Death insists on being lived.”-Nina

A sickness has overtaken the world and Nina and her husband set off with a backpack, some food, and whatever they can carry. They are escaping death. Zombies.

“I need you with me, Nina. I need you to be safe.”-Ben


Nina and Ben are immediately transformed from a couple on the edge of divorce to a couple who cannot hang on to each other tight enough. (Funny how an apocalypse will do that!)

“All that matters is that we’re together.”-Ben


“Self-preservation is an annoying trait to have, and yet, as humans, we all seem to have it instilled in us.”-Nina

As Nina tries and fails to remain hopeful, every ounce of goodness is stripped away. There is no good. There is no love. There is only death. Just when you think Nina is going to curl up and die, she finds strength and presses on. When you look up perseverance in the dictionary you will see…Nina!

“I guess everyone’s a selfish asshole at the end of the world.”-Nina


“The world has changed. Changed so much I barely recognize it or the people within it. The world has changed and now so must I.”-Nina

I simply cannot say enough about the action and suspense in this read. I was captivated by Nina’s character and her choices. Told in Nina’s POV, I experienced every moment right along side her. The feelings of disappointment in mankind, heartbreak over loss, disgust over the violence, and the crippling fear of death! The writing style is smoothly connected and colored with vivid description. The pacing was steady and yet, the action caused my heart to race during several scenes throughout the read. The one question on my mind which will haunt me for the rest of my life is: what would I become if this happened to me?

“Their pain. Their hunger. Their suffering. Pointless.”


“Man is the devil’s bastard child that is destroying this world one person at a time. The zombies are just a side act, the backdrop to our nightmare.”-Nina

Overall, I highly recommend Odium 0.5 to anyone who enjoys the Sci-Fi/Thriller Genre. This is only a taste of what is to come. This was my first Claire C. Riley read and I cannot wait for more. Nina’s story is one that I will follow through to the very end!

“What has the world turned into? Hell. That is what it has turned into. Hell.”-Nina

***The Dead Saga Series***
Odium 0.5 The Dead Saga by Claire C. Riley Odium (The Dead Saga, #1) by Claire C. Riley Odium 1.5 (The Dead Saga, #1.5) by Claire C. Riley Odium II (The Dead Saga, #2) by Claire C. Riley Odium 2.5 The Dead Saga Origin Stories by Claire C. Riley Odium III (The Dead Saga, #3) by Claire C. Riley




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