Making the Cut~Scott Hildreth

~4.5 Progress. Mission Accomplished Stars~


“Living life is similar to assembling a puzzle without the box to show you what it will look like when you’re done. One piece after another pressed into place until eventually you begin to understand just what it is that sits before you.”

Making the Cut Is the first book in the Selected Sinners MC Series. Although each book can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend starting from the beginning and reading every last syllable. After reading Ex-Con and Money Shot earlier this year, I simply couldn’t help myself! These characters have been ingrained in my mind and have stolen my heart! I simply had to start back at book one “the beginning” to capture the true essence of the entire Selected Sinners MC! This is one story arc that I want to indulge in thoroughly and completely!


Axton aka “Slice” is the President of the Selected Sinners. He is rough, straightforward, and perfectly comfortable in his own skin. Axton is loyal to his brothers and his “take no bullshit” mantra is the driving force in keeping the club on the straight and narrow. Although he enjoys a casual fling on occasion, he has vowed to never take an old lady!

“I damned sure didn’t nor would I ever need a woman to help me get through life. To me, being in a relationship with a woman was similar to having a rattlesnake for a pet.”-Axton


That age old saying of “never say never” happens to ring true for Axton when he meets Avery.

Avery is a street smart independent woman who has fled her religious upbringing in order to make a future for herself. Studying criminology at the local college, tending bar, and spending time with her “polar opposite” best friend (and roommate) keeps Avery very busy. Living in a state of “simple contentment” her eyes are opened wide when the rumbling sounds of bikes roll into her bar one night.

“I want to be on the back of your bike before the summer is over. What are the chances of that?”-Avery


Avery and Axton’s relationship is nothing short of an epic love story. There is no “insta-lust/love connection” present but instead a “slow and steady” progression that builds in intensity from moment to moment. Axton is very cautious in taking his time building a friendship with Avery. Although the sexual desire he has to be with her is strong, he wages an internal war everyday over the feelings she has evoked in him. The idea of him trusting and loving a woman is completely foreign and the battle waged is real. Avery is a woman of integrity. She recognizes her desire to be with Axton and in turn allows him the space and time he needs to concede to his need of her in his life. Slowly but surely Axton makes small steps towards making Avery a place in his heart. Inch by inch the urgency for them to come together was like a melodic underscore hovering over the action of the MC, the daily goings of the brothers, and the quirky business of Avery’s roommate. This unique blend shaped Making the Cutinto a truly exceptional read.

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”-Avery


“It was crucial that the relationship proceeded at Axton’s pace, not mine. Most women would be frustrated or disappointed with the return of their investment with Axton. I, on the other hand, was absolutely thrilled with what I had received from him.”-Avery

Told in dual POV, both main characters transform into better individuals due to the presence of the other in their life. Axton’s dark edges are refined and Avery’s determination, admiration, and respect for Axton only brought her pure joy and satisfaction. Avery finds her place by Axton’s side. If you are a reader that depends on that 35-47% “quick screw” this is not the read for you. This is a even paced carefully crafted love story where the characters take their time finding their way together. Although upon first glance Avery may seem to be simplistic and easily swayed, I found her character to be in depth and highly attuned to the needs and desires of Axton. In reality, why wouldn’t we want to please the one we love? I found Axton and Avery’s story to be quite refreshing and in true Hildreth fashion “unique and straightforward”! In addition to the complex character development, the story has a solid story arc with a well developed beginning, middle, and end. The action is intense and the focus remains on “brotherhood”! Although there was a bit of a wait for the main characters to find physical intimacy, I can assure you the reward was well worth the wait!


“Strangely, I came to realize the one person who I knew had my back in a life or death situation wasn’t a brother, but a bitch. And a damned good bitch at that.”-Axton


Overall, Making the Cut was interesting, witty, engrossing, and a truly remarkable start to what promises to be an amazing series. I highly recommend this authors work and I look forward to reading more!

***Selected Sinners MC Series***
Making the Cut (Selected Sinners MC, #1) by Scott Hildreth Taking the Heat (Selected Sinners MC, #2) by Scott Hildreth Otis (Selected Sinners MC, #3) by Scott Hildreth Hung (Selected Sinners MC, #4) by Scott Hildreth EX-CON (Selected Sinners MC, #5) by Scott Hildreth Money Shot (Selected Sinners, #6) by Scott Hildreth


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