Here to Stay~ Suanne Laqueur


~5 Take My Breathe Away Stars~

“Don’t leave me.”
“I can’t, I’ll never breathe again.”


Here to Stay is the third book in The Fish Tales Series. In order to fully appreciate the masterpiece of Here to Stay, you must read the first book in the series The Man I Love. In The Man I Love, my emotions were pressed, pulled, twisted, turned, and stretched to the limits. Here to Stay offered an unforgettable journey of healing.

In The Man I Love, Daisy and Erik fell in love and when they experienced a horrific life event they were both sent into a tailspin. The after shocks of the event ripped them apart. Years passed and they both moved on. They met other people, worked, lived, dreamed and yet, both were empty without the other by their side. At the conclusion of The Man I Love, Erik and Daisy come back together again. Here to Stay is a beautiful story of what happens when two people return home.

“A strange thing to find a lost lover in your hands again. Like finding your childhood baseball glove in an attic box of memories. You’re sure it won’t fit. But the heat of your palm, a flex and a bend and it knows you. It remembers you.”


“I missed all this. She had a life all these years I know nothing about.”-Erik

In Here to Stay, Erik experiences an extreme amount of regret. Time has passed and Daisy has had lovers, friends, inside jokes, heartbreak, and experienced all of the mundane aspects of life without HIM! Erik faces an internal battle of loving Daisy and being swallowed by the demons of his past.

“It was done then. It was on him then. The dam of his heart broke. Then it was done. Then it began.”

Daisy, an ethereal spark of life, is so happy to have Erik back by her side. Although she still harbors regret for the choices she made in the past, she clings to him and lavishes in every moment.

“They wanted everything at once, their kiss fitting around words and words smashing between their lips and tongues.”

Together, Erik and Daisy find their way back into each other’s arms. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes the past love, that had faded, is reborn into a new refined love that is mature and runs deep. The characters experience growth through their journey to forgiveness. In true Laquer fashion, every emotion is felt to the core. Every detail of every single moment is masterfully displayed. Additionally, the secondary characters continue to play a critical role in the plot development. Erik is reunited with his best friend Will and must seek healing after years of being apart. Although the journey is sweet, there is still room for heartbreak. As in life, every beautiful moment can only be savored when we have experienced loss and pain.

“I didn’t come back to fight you. I came back to fight for you.”


“I just want us. I want her to myself. I want to be the center of her universe and not share her with anyone. Ever.”

Told in Erik’s POV, Here to Stay is a beautifully crafted story. The steady pacing coupled with the complex characters kept me fully engaged the entire read. There is a good balance between exploring the “present” relationships of the characters and finding closure from the “past” events that took place in The Man I Love. The dialogue is rich and flows smoothly from page to page. Anyone who invests in this series will be forever changed.

“You don’t have to do it good. You just have to do it.”


“I love nobody and nothing. The way I love you.”

Overall, I highly recommend Here to Stay to anyone who enjoys a love story that is based on real life. When you come across a piece of work that breaks you in half and then puts you back together again, it is a journey you will never forget. I am a huge fan of Ms. Laquer’s work and I cannot wait to read more.

***The Fish Tales Series***
The Man I Love (The Fish Tales, #1) by Suanne Laqueur Give Me Your Answer True (The Fish Tales, #2) by Suanne Laqueur Here to Stay (The Fish Tales, #3) by Suanne Laqueur



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