Edge of Obsession~Megan Crane

“Clan now. Clan first. Clan forever.”


Edge of Obsession is a Paranormal Romance with a dark and dominant alpha and a spunky heroine that when put together cause an explosion of lust, power, and love!


In Edge of Obsession, the world is not as we know it. Storms have caused mayhem and destruction. People have found refuge in whatever way they can. Helena has a secret. It is one that she is willing to die for in order to protect. While trying to survive, a vigilante group of clansmen enter the scene and Helena discovers a way of escape.

“My cock is a privilege, not an obligation to suffer through. You’ll get it when you beg me for it, not before.”-Tyr

Tyr is the war chief of his clan. Loyal to his king, brothers, and blood thirsty for revenge against his enemies, he is isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. When Helena challenges him, he doesn’t waste any time deciding to take her captive and bring her back with him to his homeland.

“She’d had no idea anything like this had survived the Storms, much less was inhabited~and clearly had been for a long time.”-Helena


While traveling by sea back the clan, Helena and Tyr begin a delicate dance of seduction. This world is so new to Helena. Although she is not a virgin, she has been raised to believe that the purpose of sex is for procreation. Finding pleasure with a man is unknown territory for her. In stark contrast, the men of the clan are raw and ravish the women in their possession. Once a man of many pleasures, throughout the journey home, Tyr finds himself unusually attached to Helena.

“You have one option, Helena. Me. If I were you, I’d hurry up and get on board with that.”-Tyr


Helena is strong willed and dedicated to her purpose and yet, Tyr is nothing like she has ever experienced before. He dominates her. He captivates her. Despite her stubbornness, she cannot help but comply to his every whim.

“It blew her up. It slammed through her, burning her alive, and all she could do was wrap her arms around him and hold on tight.”-Helena


As the first book in the Edge of Series, Edge of Obsession is sure to be a crowd pleaser for Paranormal Romance fans. Told in dual POV, the writing was rich in detail and the tempo was well paced throughout the read. As with most paranormal work, it takes a bit of time to fully understand the workings of this world and fully embrace the plight of the characters. The characters were quite unique and the action packed plot was truly engaging! The lifestyle of the clan is focused on action and passion! Add those two elements to a group of sexy warriors and satisfaction is guaranteed!

“Everyone needs help sometimes, asshole. No one sails a ship alone.”-Tyr


“He was the whole world to her then. Always, something whispered, more in her heart than in her head.”-Helena


Overall, I highly recommend Edge of Obsession! This was my first Megan Crane read and I am certainly looking forward to reading more! There are quite a few members of the Clan that I look forward to exploring!

*ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY for BLOG TOUR*


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