Badlands~Callie Hart


“Shall we be friends then?”    

 “I’d like that very much.”


“…it’s a symphony of chaos that clean robs me of breath every single time I witness it.”-Michael

Badlands is another taste of Callie Hart at her best. It is a mini novella that packs quite a punch!
In The Blood and Roses Series, we met Michael Aubertin. Michael is Zeth Mayfair’s right hand man and Rebel’s Cousin! Badlands transports us back in time when Zeth had just met Laci. This book is suspended before and between both Deviant and Rebel. This dynamic kept me on the edge of my seat the entire read.


In true Callie Hart fashion, Michael is another hero that certainly knows how to deliver. His stealth power as a killer, taste for unconventional sex, and his undying loyalty for his friends and family give him the unstoppable qualities of a “stellar” swoonworthy hero. One day spent encompassed in Michael and I has hooked.

“How about you? Are you fucked up, Michael?”
“The most interesting people are, aren’t they?”

Badlands contains all of the ingredients we have grown to love in Callie’s writing. A strong alpha male, kinky sex, and non-stop action. If you are fan of the Blood and Roses Series or the Dead Man’s Ink Series then this is a mini-novella you are not going to want to miss. Told in Michael’s POV, the writing is fast paced and the characters are unique and quite engaging.

“That’s what I am right now: unstoppable, untameable, insatiable.”-Michael

Overall, Badlands was another great read from Callie Hart. I never question my choice to read one of her works. I simply strap on my seatbelt and hang on tight for the ride. I have no idea where Ms. Hart is going to take us next. I only know that I can’t wait for more. Anything that is delivered to my kindle from this author, I am happy to receive!



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