Sebring~Kristen Ashley

“Sometimes you kill me, baby.”


Sebring is the long awaited final installment in the Unfinished Hero Series. Although each book can be read as a stand alone, the characters are intertwined throughout the series. In order to enjoy the full arc of the story, I highly recommend you read them all! Each installment is unique and promises to please!


“That mission is not complete. Our mission. The one I had with her. It isn’t complete. There’s work to be done. For her.”-Nick

Sebring brings us the story of Nick. Nick was introduced in KNIGHT and he made quite an entrance. His cocky, spoiled, “I’m too sexy” attitude paled in comparison to the magnificent Knight Sebring. Now he has the opportunity to redeem himself. Nick has matured significantly and additionally, he has experienced great loss. At the start ofSebring, Nick is a man on a mission and the name of his game is revenge! With the support of his family and friends (all of our favorite characters from the series), Nick puts his plan into action.

“A Shade lived like a Shade.”

Olivia Shade is his target. Liv, the daughter of a gangster, is obligated to work for her father and the family business. She has been held captive by her family and left to live a hopeless life full of regret and pain. Her only escape is to indulge in her sexual desires by frequenting an underground sex club. She watches and enjoys the escape. When Nick inches his way into Liv’s life, the attraction is instantaneous and the passion might have overloaded my kindle a time or to throughout the read!

“I believed I could feel complete. I believed I could have someone by my side. I believed I could feel safe. I believed I could be happy. I believed I could be loved. Something precious would be mine.”-Liv


“He took her mouth. And like she’d done to his, he consumed it.”

The sexual chemistry between the two is off the charts. As Nick gets to know Liv, he recognizes that she isn’t at all who he thought. He experiences inner turmoil over the feelings he is developing for Liv and is his drive for revenge. Liv is completely unaware of Nick’s plight and slowly begins to fall in love with him. Nick is able to revive Liv and he brings her security in a way that she has never experienced before

“Fuck, he was so fucking falling in love with her.”-Nick


“You mean more to me today than you did yesterday.”-Nick

Told in dual POV, Sebring was a good addition to the series. Both Liv and Nick are quite complex and their interactions were natural and quite enjoyable to read. The underlying tension of Nick’s secret drives the action throughout. The brutality of the Shade family enhanced the story because the fear was real and the emotions that evoked were intense. Additionally, the progression of the relationship between Nick and his brother Knight (I love that man) was nothing short of perfection. The two brothers coming together after years of turmoil brought a satisfying spark of joy! The story was well crafted and very sexy. My only setback in this read was that I did feel like Liv’s transformation was a bit abrupt towards the end. Still, I was quite pleased with how things turned out!

“You’ll live free and easy. And we keep on, we get to where we’re headed, you gotta do what you promised along the way and believe.”-Nick


“Hurry, honey.”

Overall, Sebring was another winner for my “I LOVE KA” shelf! Surprisingly enough, Nick Sebring might just be one of my favorite heroes from the series (well second to KNIGHT)! I always enjoy reading Kristen Ashley. She has her own unique writing style and her heroes never fail to please! As long as she keeps writing, I will keep reading! ROCK ON!


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