The Baller~Vi Keeland

★4.5 Baller Stars★

“When life knocks you down, stop and look around for one thing that’s good, because there is always something. Then cling to that good.”


Full of humor, steam, and creatively crafted writing, The Baller packs one powerful punch. This is one contemporary romance read you will not want to miss!
Cocky, confident, and quick witted Brody Easton is THE MAN! As a professional football player, who has worked hard to achieve success, he has no boundaries when it comes to women. He gets who he wants and does what he wants (where he wants). But when Brody Easton meets Delilah, his playing skills are truly put to the test.

“I expected him to be a dick. I didn’t expect him to show me his dick.”

Delilah, a sportscaster with World Media Broadcasting, is assigned to cover the happenings of the NFL teams across the country. Her first day on the job, she finds herself interviewing THE PLAYER, Brody, himself! He makes quite an introduction by allowing her a “full access view” to ALL of him! There is an instant tug of war between the two. Despite his best efforts, Brody is unable to shake the indestructible Delilah! Brody is intrigued and immediately has set his sight directly on her. She is no stranger to “the players” of the game and makes it clear that he is to keep his hands off.

“What’s it going to take to get you underneath me, Delilah?”


The advance retreat between Delilah and Brody was quite entertaining. Both stubborn, smart, and passionate about football, they became equitable opponents and they end up stuck in a stalemate. Brody is quite complex and has a past that he is not quite ready to share. Delilah has learned to portray the part of a confident woman so well that even she is surprised when Brody begins to tear her walls down. Through the development of their relationship, they discover solace in being together.

“There’s nothing else I would like to do than fuck you full of sorry.”


“You’re spooning me? Brody Easton spoons?” “Only you, baby. But don’t be suprised if you get woken up by my fork later.”

The Baller was an exceptional read. It is overflowing with humor, witty dialogue, and a truly complex plot. Although there was a heavy hand of “insta-lust/love”, I wasn’t distracted by it in the least. Their relationship was well paced throughout the story and the conflicts were natural and sincere. Told in mostly dual POV, both Brody and Delilah can be compared to watching “Lucy and Ricky” or “Harry and Sally” carrying out a verbal smack down. The intensity these two characters maintained only ignited the sexual tension between the two. When they finally came together, I found myself actually cheering (out loud)! It was not steamy. It was explosive! In addition to my adoration for the main characters, the secondary characters enhanced this read ten-fold. They brought more depth to the plot and were critical to the story, as opposed to, the extra happening on the side! (Thank you for that Ms. Keeland!)


“I was totally falling for him.”

Overall, I highly recommend The Baller to all contemporary romance lovers. It made me laugh. It made me hurt. It made me swoon. It made me smile! This was my second Vi Keeland read and I am hooked! I will certainly be back for more!

*ARC graciously provided via author for BLOG Tour!*


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