The Rules~Elizabeth Brown

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“I’m not leaving you alone.”~Lambo


The Rules is the second book in the Off-Limits Series. In The Lessons (the first book in the series), we met Ryan’s best friend Lambo and Ryan’s sister Ainsley. What happens when a forbidden fling transforms into a heart stopping, swoon worthy, sexually charged romance story? The Rules! This stand alone read is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Get your kindles ready now! Lambo and Ainsley’s story is one that you will not want to miss.


“Trust me. This is gonna be fun. For both of us.”~Lambo

Ainsley is a complex character. She lives with her loving older brother Ryan and his girlfriend Natalie. Although Ains appears to have it all together, she is battling the demons of her past and lives with bipolar disorder. Ryan has done his best to keep Ainsley healthy and happy. Although her brother’s love is significant in her life, she is missing a few important things! Ainsley needs sex, love and romance! What girl doesn’t? Only one thing can truly fill the void in her life. Who cares if it’s her older brother’s best friend?


Lambo is a successful “All American” Sex God! He is confident, cocky, and quick witted. He has never had difficulty “sealing the deal”.


While partying it up in college one night, he shares a kiss with a hot young party goer. She was just “that hot”! How was he supposed to know she was only sixteen AND Ryan’s little sister? Obviously, that scenario did not end well! Over the next couple of years, he does everything in his power to avoid the little vixen. However, it’s a difficult task when it’s Ryan’s little sister! After a few years have passed, Ainsley and Lambo will finally have the opportunity to try that scenario out again! When the whole gang travels to Vegas for a quick getaway, Ainsley and Lambo are brought together and all of “the rules” are broken!

“He was hot. He was an excellent kisser and finally, and perhaps most importantly, I was pretty sure he could close the deal.”~Ainsley

Lambo and Ainsley don’t waste any time rekindling the fire! The attraction that began years ago, at that college party, was only the catalyst to what promises to be a mind-blowing life altering experience for them both. These unlikely characters form a tender bond that begins with friendship, sensuality, and then transforms into love. The road to happiness is not a smooth ride for these two. However, it is full of humor and lasting love!

“Fuck, Ains, your pussy is like fucking magic or something.”~Lambo


Told in dual POV, The Rules is a definite crowd pleaser. The characters are complex and well developed throughout the read. The weighty subject matter is craftily paired with humor and an over abundance of steam. I genuinely didn’t know if I should laugh or cry and, at times, I found myself doing both! The Rules is a true delight!

“All I could think about was when I was going to see her again.”~Lambo

What is most notable about the writing in this book is the easy flow of the text and the steady pacing of the plot. Additionally, I felt like the characterization was honest and consistent throughout. I was completely immersed in this story and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Brown does next!


“I don’t think you get it. I need you more than you need me.”~Lambo


Overall, The Rules is a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second spent with these characters. Although I enjoyed The Lessons, Elizabeth Brown has truly made her mark with this book! I was simply blown away. This is a must read for contemporary romance lovers! Lambo and Ainsley’s story will stay with me forever!

***Off-Limits Series***
The Lessons (Off-Limits, #1) by Elizabeth BrownThe Rules (Off-Limits, #2) by Elizabeth Brown

★BETA copy graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you Elizabeth for allowing me to join you on this journey. I am truly humbled and I will remember it always!★




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