Karter~Scott Hildreth

★5 Crazies Stars★

“I now know true love is not a once in a lifetime blessing, but something only a select few will ever know. Most people on this earth would never experience firsthand the love I felt for Karter.”


Karter has officially been shelved in the “must read” and “why did I wait so long to read this?” shelf! What is the basis for this assessment? So glad you asked! I am still thinking about it a week after reading it. The well-developed characters and concisely crafted plot truly swept me away to another place. For a book lover, there is just nothing better!

“If someone didn’t like what I was doing, as far as I was concerned, they could simply fuck off.”

Karter is a spunky, independent heroine with the an overabundance of energy. Her Chinese Animal seems to be somewhat of a crossover between a wise old owl and a labrador puppy! She speaks her mind and remains true to her resolve every single moment of every single day. Her creative spirit was an inspiration to behold! An artist, her body, is decorated with an abundance of body art, and she drives a motorcycle with the determination to rule the world! Beyonce has nothing on Karter!


“Never turn over a rock if you aren’t prepared to discuss what may lie beneath it.”

Jak is a Navy Seal. He has served his country well. When he returns to the states, he meets Karter. Like an avalanche, the two crash into each other. Karter and Jak. Jak and Karter. When these two come together, everything that was ever wrong in their worlds becomes right.

“It wasn’t even noon, and Karter had painted a masterpiece, we had sex one and a half times, she cut off my underwear, we had a visit by the police, and now she was cooking brunch. My life with Karter, it if was nothing else, would be…Perfect.”

Although I would love to offer more commentary on the plot, this is a read that is most definitely best to experience blind. Every single moment is critical to the plot. Each word should be savored because when you are done, you will want to remember every single second of the text.

“The feeling of being inside Karter wasn’t only one of simply having sex. As if the inner structure of her body was made to accept me perfectly, we carefully fit one another in a manner which was undeniable.”


Told in dual POV, Karter is a tender read charged with raw, primal sexual energy. (Before you scoff at my overuse of adjectives, read the book. No doubt, you will agree!) In true Hildreth fashion, the characters are carefully constructed, and their choices are consistent throughout the read. This element makes the story believable when even the most unbelievable things happen. As each layer is carefully peeled away, I became more engrossed in the story. The emotions were intense and yet delivered at a steady rate. This delicious combination allowed my heart and head to stay connected (and buckled up tight) for the entire read. This read has a hint of mystery which only made this story that much sweeter. Karter is a stand alone and yet, for me, both Karter and Jak are two characters that are still living and breathing their dream together.


“I choose to love those who love me in return.”

On a personal note, I met my husband when I was 21. Like Jak, he is a veteran of the military, and he is thirteen years older than me. With that personal tidbit, I will add that I agree 100% with Oscar (another lovely character in this read).

“Love Jak. A man once told me love was blind. You know what? He was damned right. Love don’t see a damned thing. Not real love. It don’t see color, or religion, neighborhoods, poverty or wealth. Hell, it don’t even see age differences for that matter. Real love just snaps into place.”


Overall, I cannot say enough about Karter. The characters, the plot, and the witty dialogue make this another winning Hildreth read. I feel this author is not only engaging with his “smart straight forward writing style” but additionally, he is diverse. Each book has been unique and brought its voice to broadcast to the world. Karter will forever be one of my favorite female heroines of all time. Let’s face it, in reality, everyone wants to be like Karter! Until next time Mr. Hildreth. No doubt, it will be amazing!

***Karter is a Stand Alone Read.***
Karter by Scott Hildreth

*BR with my Shhlut sisters SNOW and EBRU….

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