Wild Aces~Marni Mann


“A place without screaming and cursing. Without punching and kicking. A place where I would finally feel safe.”


Wild Aces is my first Marni Mann read, and I can assure you it will not be my last. (Please hold while I run to AMAZON and stock my Kindle now!) Where have I been? This stand alone read is sure to please! With its heady mix of steam, tender romance, and a touch of intrigue, you too will join the “TRAPPER IS THE MAN” bandwagon! description

“I’m a hard-ass every day.”

Brea Bradley is a hard working professional. Loyal to her friends and covered in love by her family, Brea has managed to set up a successful life for herself. However, after losing her boyfriend, years ago, in a tragic accident, one thing Brea has not been able to do is to allow herself to love again. But when her best friend, and employer, Frankie hosts a masquerade party. Brea meets a man behind a mask that will rock her world (and yours too by the way)!

“His name was Trapper, he wore a Batman mask, and he didn’t have a date.”

Dressed to impress in a mysterious mask, Trapper Montgomery is happy to attend his friend Derek’s Masquerade party. When he discovers the beautiful, yet also masked, Brea Bradley, the two share a passionate kiss and numbers are exchanged.


“This was a kiss from a man who somehow already knew every inch of my body. I didn’t want him to stop.”

With Trapper heading out to Vegas to compete in a professional poker tournament, both Brea and Trapper must rely on sexy texts and phone calls to tide them over until they can truly come together. The anticipation of the meet drives these characters to drown in one another! Trapper has overcome many demons from his past, and Brea is like a beacon of goodness that he wants to cling to.

“Her sweetness was refreshing, different from the girls I was used to.”


When Trapper and Brea finally meet face to face, things do not go as planned. Realizations are made, and both must come to terms with their circumstances and find a way through the maze of life together.

“The people I’ve let in, I never let out. Not to scare you, but it’s true.”

Told in dual POV, Wild Aces has a well-developed plot, complex characters, and the passion between the two main characters is off the charts! Although I felt I was able to figure out the elements of the mystery early on in the read, Ms. Mann kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I could not wait to see how things were going to unfold. Trapper and Brea are strong characters individually and together they make a perfect pair! The tempo of the read is well paced, and the secondary characters enhanced the story nicely.


“She tasted of cinnamon and lust, flavors I wanted to swallow and savor all night.”

Overall, I highly recommend Wild Aces to contemporary romance readers who love a gritty tattooed hero and confident heroine. For me, that is a magical mix! Wild Aces is a stand-alone but it is a spin-off of Ms. Mann’sUnblocked Timber Towers Series. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Derek, the hero in Unblocked, I assure you the little taste of him in Wild Aces has convinced me that it’s time to make my reservation and fulfill that appointment. Trapper has convinced me that I need to explore these characters thoroughly! Wild Aces was a stunning read, and I cannot wait to explore more from this author!

*This was a BR with the SHHLUTS!!!~

*ARC graciously provided via publisher in exchange for an honest review!*


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