My Rating 4 Always Together Stars 

Title: Fighting Solitude
Author: Aly Martinez
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 3 of 3 from On The Ropes series
POV: First Person – Dual
Expected Publication: February 2, 2016

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“Without her, for the first time in my entire life, I was truly trapped in the solitude of my mind-alone”

description description

Fighting Solitude is the final installment from On The Ropes Series even though you can read as a standalone I personally would recommend reading book one first. I went in blinded into this book popping my Aly’s cherry, and oh boy was in for a surprise. I enjoyed this book so much, and now I really wished I would have read the first two books first, however, have no doubt that even without reading the other two you will fully enjoy this story because it very detailed and it was such a wonderful story.

Quarry page is the younger brother of three; at only ten years old he meets his best friend who becomes the love of his life. He didn’t know that yet thought it took a long time for him to realize that his soulmate has always been there.Quarry grew up fighting following his older brother’s footsteps. He, however, managed to become famous and accomplished so much than he could ever hope for. One tragedy after another leaves him hopeless, and he gives up on love. His heart is so hurt that he becomes numb to feelings when his girlfriend passed away at only nineteen years of age he don’t want any real relationship with anyone; that didn’t mean he didn’t messed around because a man has his needs but he never got involved again.

Liv James at only nine years old meets Quarry when some boys were trying to mess with her. Quarry came to her rescue, and she instantly liked him and knew there was something different about him. They became best friend almost inseparable. Her father was the owner of the security company that worked for Quarry’s family, and he traveled with Quarry a lot for the fights as body guards and she more often than not tagged along to see Quarry. Their entire relationship was freaking awesome I loved how they teased each other and played jokes on their family. I loved how she could read him so well and how he could understand her as well. Liv’s mother was a junkie and had passed away when she was only five years old. At an early age, she was traumatized of the silence, and she always had to have music with her everywhere she went, or she would have panic attacks.


“Liv rocked my entire world the moment I met her. There was something about the mischievous glint in her big, brown doe eyes that spoke to me on a level a ten-year-old couldn’t even begin to understand.” Quarry


“If it happens to you, then I have to deal with it too. You watch my back, and I watch yours. It’s the most important rule of being best friends.” Liv


Quarry and Liv’s friendship relationship was epic until it wasn’t; one bad choice changed everything and they were separated for a long time. Three long years that I was feeling sick because I really was shooting for them. So much happened after Liv came back to Quarry’s life; their friendship started again but, this time, was different Liv knew she had to protect her heart she couldn’t let him in. They had one mutual best friend that kept them from being together. The ghost of her best friend and Quarry’s ex-girlfriend hunted her and she wouldn’t let him in even after a year of her death and even after both living in the same apartment. I was a bit infuriated at the both of them because seriously they were just so perfect for each other and what was left in the past it was that just the past. They finally opened up and gave into their feeling and oh boy I was so happy for them.


I truly enjoyed this story thought there was some struggles, a fighter always has threads, and they both fight though it all and made it and became stronger together. Liv’s life was put at risk twice, and it was a very suspenseful time. Also, Quarry inherited the family illness of losing his hearing and it was devastated for everyone. I loved how this author made you feel for both of these characters and their entire families. How everyone got a long and fought together as family. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good fighter book. This book was about love, friends, and family and about learning how to fight the solitude of silence.



Book Order Series:
Fighting Silence (On the Ropes, #1) by Aly MartinezFighting Shadows (On the Ropes, #2) by Aly MartinezFighting Solitude (On the Ropes, #3) by Aly Martinez





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