Undo Me~M. Robinson

~4.75 Undone Stars~

“I was done for. There would be no coming back from him. I was his.”


I am simply blown away by the stunning read Undo Me by M. Robinson. The third book in The Good Ol’ Boys Series is the story of Dylan and Aubrey. From the first two books in the series, we knew that their story was going to be a special one. Well, special just doesn’t begin to describe the emotions and gamut of feelings this read evoked from me. Instead, I felt moved, broken, and then put back together again. Hang on tight to your heart because this one is a bumpy ride!

“Always numb. Always alone. Always afraid.”

description“Dylan Mc Graw. Just his name made me want to throw down. Fuck ’em and chuck ’em was his style. Asshole.”

Aubrey and Dylan met in high school. As a transplant from California, Aubrey is new to the North Carolina beach town where friendship and family are the only things that matter. Dylan is a cocky surfer who is loyal to his friends lovingly known as The Good Ol’ Boys. The fire and sharp-witted banter exchanged between Aubrey and Dylan at their first meeting was only the prelude to what promised to be a long relationship full of push and pull and twists and turns.

“It was one thing to think you knew, to assume, but when it was staring you right in the face, when he was looking at you, it changed things, it changed everything.”


“Life is simple darlin’, it’s just not easy.”

From the previous reads, Dylan and Aubrey appeared to be a standard high school romance that just drifted apart. Those preconceived notions could not be further from the truth. Aubrey and Dylan experience a trauma that rocks their relationship and breaks them apart. That, with the combination of Aubrey’s insecurities, are simply too much for the two young lovers to overcome. But how can you possibly move on when the only person you have ever loved is right in front of you?

“Her current was strong and growing every time I was with her.”


“I kept going back to her, wanting more. Wanting everything. Nothing or no one stood in my way.”

Told in dual POV, Undo Me lived up to its title (and then some). I was completely undone emotionally, physically, and mentally by the sheer magnitude of events, these characters endured. The pacing of the plot was well crafted, and the twists and turns were completely unexpected. I can honestly say that I am not a fan of angsty reads. Nor do I typically prefer a book that is told over the span of several years, and yet, every single book in this series has held me captive.

“Like I was standing at the edge of a cliff, looking down, ready to jump.”


“The deeper the love, the deeper the pain.”

Additionally, the characters are so complex and so likable that the memory of them seems to linger weeks after I have finished reading about them. Dylan and Aubrey have been no different as I have already returned to my Kindle on several occasions to re-read my favorite parts. There were certainly some triggers in this book that caused slight discomfort and yet, as the saying goes “no pain no gain”. Aubrey and Dylan experience a transformation like no other. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of pain and joy that they lived through. In true M. Robinson style, the intimacy between the characters was rich with emotion, and their physical pairing is just “smoking hot”! Dylan is, in my opinion, a perfect hero with his cocky persona and his southern charm. Although Aubrey is quite damaged, it is her tender spirit and quiet strength that drew me to her and kept me cheering for them both the entire time. His protectiveness of Aubrey and the growth that she made in being able to accept it is the one thing that I will never forget from this beautifully crafted story.

“The electricity…The connection…The intensity…Was constantly right there.”

description“It’s addicting. The taste of you, the feel of you, the love for you. I’m mad for you. You’re mine.”

I simply cannot say enough about how this series has enriched my reading. Although each book can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend beginning the journey at the beginning. Undo Me is simply a must read. If you enjoy a well-crafted plot, complex characters, and an in-depth love story, you will not want to miss this! I simply cannot wait for the next Good Ol’ Boy to hit my Kindle. No doubt, as the series just keeps getting better with each installment, I will be up all night again devouring every word! I think it’s safe to say that M. Robinson has certainly become a one click author for me. When broken people can find love through friendship and family in a broken world, there is simply nothing better!

***The Good Ol’ Boys***
Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1) by M. RobinsonForbid Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #2) by M. RobinsonUndo Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #3) by M. Robinson

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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