ARC/Loyda’s Review~ROOMHATE by Penelope Ward


My Rating 4★★★★ “The Way It was meant to be” Stars 

Title: RoomHate
Author: Penelope Ward
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female
Publication: February 15, 2016

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“Sometimes the thing we fear more than anything, is really what our soul craves the most.” Justin


Amelia Payne as a teacher had the summer off and after her grandmother’s death she inherited her home on the island where she was raised when she was a child. Amelia had always being very insecure and because of it she made a harsh choice when she was only fifteen years old. She trusted her best friend Justin they were both inseparable but somehow she felt betrayed that he had kept a secret from her and ran away to her father’s home instead of dealing with her problems. That caused her the lost for her best friend and her young love Justin. The friend she had fallen in love with but was so afraid to acknowledge it.

Justin Banks was upset and angry at how Amelia left and tried to move on with his life; a life without her. He was cocky bad boy and he knew it. He had every girl melting for him and it was not shocking he wrote and sang songs as part time; when he comes back to the island for the summer to the house Amelia’s grandmother had “randomly” left him part of it he comes with his smoking hot new girlfriend. Of course he never admitted or told Amelia he too had fallen in love with her when they were younger but he left that in the past; so he thought. Destiny had a new future for the both of them thought and now they found themselves again after so long.

I found myself very frustrated at some points of this book thought because I really like strong heroines and Amelia kept failing at being strong. Her insecurities were killing me; I enjoy cocky males as well but not knowing Justin’s thoughts I couldn’t really see him like truly see him either. After their first chaotic summers together were they both spent it ignoring each other or fighting, life was not easy for Amelia. After Justin left the summer house even though they hadn’t really re connected she still had hopes. Justin went back to his perfect life with his perfect girlfriend in New York. Her world came crashing back at her when she finds out she is pregnant from her ex boyfriend and she had to deal with it on her own until Justin returns back to the summer house the following year; no matter what her ex doesn’t want anything to do with her baby girl Bea.


“It’s no longer going to be hard for you to resist me. You won’t want anything to do with me. Your biggest nightmare…just became my reality, Justin.” Amelia


Justin’s most fears were to be a father since he had terrible parents he didn’t trust in himself to be an example and a good father; he finds himself conflicted with emotions after seeing Amelia the previews summer and seeing her again struggling on her own with child; all he wants to do was help and be there for her. However he was also so confusing; I was a mad woman wanting these two to finally get their act together and grow up because they truly did worked fine together. The last part of this book was my favorite; it was just amazing these two ended up spending much time together learning from each to her and helping each other. It was beautiful to see them finally grow up; this beautiful baby grew thought them how to love each other and be true to themselves. I truly enjoyed Justin and Amelia finally realizing that grandma was always right they were both meant for each other. The way they both learned how to deal with their insecurities and the way they both grew up as a person and as a couple was fantastic.


“All that time I spent mad at you…I could have been fucking you. What a dumbass” Justin


“Without all of that pent-up frustration, we wouldn’t have had as much angry sex” Justin


This was my very first book by Penelope Ward and I will say it will not be my last one. I enjoyed and devour this in one setting. The story is written from the female’s pov I actually would have loved it a lot better if it would of being written from both female and male’s point of view so I could get a feel of what he was thinking as well; none the less this was a very fast and enjoyable read.


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