Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre

~4 Lovin’ Chloe Stars~

Love, Chloe is a contemporary romance full of fun, romance, and witty dialogue. Set in the backdrop of New York City, Chloe is a young New Yorker just trying to make her way in the world!

“Booted from My Life”


“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

Chloe, a member of New York’s high society, has found herself in a precarious situation. After her parents have made some poor financial choices, Chloe is left to fend for herself. Although she has a college degree from the prestigious NYC, she cannot hang that diploma on the wall until she manages to pay her school loan. Unemployed, homeless, and now parent-less, Chloe clings to her friends and her high fashion wardrobe and faces off with the big bad city.

“Kissing a Frog”


Despite the pull from her financially lucrative (and sexy) ex Vic and her frustrations with her new job, as an assistant for a very high maintenance New York B-List Actress, Chloe discovers that although independence is hard work, perseverance brings happiness in the most delicious form. With Chloe’s fun bunch of friends and a new love interest on the horizon, Love, Chloe is one coming of age journey that you will enjoy and never forget!

“Countdown to Jaw Drop”


“Well. This is Awkward”

Told in Chloe’s POV, Love, Chloe is a romantic read full of good laughs and a lot of heart. The dialogue glides smoothly through the pages with ease and the characters “come to life” through each moment spent in the Big Apple. With the ingenious addition of Instagram pictures and descriptions, the read felt very natural and quite enjoyable. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the format of the story. The timeline carefully navigates through Chloe’s life and the chapter headings were inventive as they set the stage for each “chapter” of Chloe’s life. Chloe is a fun character to get to know and her love interest Carter was quite a swoon-worthy hero. I found the supporting characters to enhance the read splendidly with the right mix of drama, friendship, and tenderness.

“What Had Happened Was…”

Overall, Love, Chloe is a light contemporary romance which brings an overabundance of entertainment and heart. Alessandra Torre never fails to amaze me with her diverse writing style and her ability to captivate her readers with her creativity. Love, Chloe is a true delight!

*ARC graciously provided via the author in exchange for an honest review!*

~This was a BR with my Shhluts as part of the worldwide Buddy Read for LOVE, CHLOE!~…



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