Unsocial~by Nicole Dykes

~4 Stars~

“This feels too good to be bad.”


Unsocial is an NA Romance blend of bad boy meets good girl, forbidden romance, and Party of 5 all mixed into one.
Dylan is living the dream. As a successful young adult, he is the manager and owner of a successful body and art auto restoration shop. He has plenty of women swooning at his feet and a loyal best friend by his side. However, one phone call changes his life forever. Dylan receives word that his dad and stepmother have been killed in an automobile accident. He is asked to return home so that he can take care of his four younger siblings. Although he was estranged from his parents, he packs a bag and heads home.

“Do we get to stay with you, Dylan?”

Brooke is a young professional beginning her career as a social worker. Her first assignment is Dylan and his four siblings. When Brooke has her first meeting with the family, it becomes evident that this first assignment is going to be a difficult one for her to take on. With two teenagers and two young children who have just lost their parents, emotions are high. In addition to the emotional challenges, she is naturally attracted to the “tattooed bad boy” Dylan.

“I’ve got to shut these insane feelings toward this man down. He’s my client, and I can’t be thinking of him as anything but my client.”

The combination of love for the kids and lust for their brother proves to be quite a strain on Brooke. However, she is determined to win over the hearts of the four siblings and maintain a professional relationship with their big sexy bro! Dylan’s sole focus is gaining permanent guardianship of his brothers and sisters. Therefore, a connection with the social worker overseeing their case is absolutely out of the question. In fact, Brooke could loose her job if a relationship were to develop. However, we all know what happens when you want something you can’t have!

“There’s a line I can’t cross, even though it seems I am coming awfully close at times.”


As time passes, the children grow to love Brooke, and she finds herself embedded in their lives. She and Dylan grow close as well, and eventually the professional lines become blurry, and the two come together. With her career and permanent guardianship at stake, will Dylan and Brooke be able to make away together?

“It wasn’t enough. That brief taste made me an addict.”


“I’m just going to feel the moment while it lasts.”

Told in dual POV, Unsocial packs quite an emotional punch. The family dynamics were unique and well developed throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the transformation of the siblings and grew quite attached to them. Brooke and Dylan were both complex characters and their struggle to stay away from each other was both entertaining and redefines the word anticipation. I was quite taken by them both and was cheering for them the entire ride! Brooke and Dylan’s best friends played a pivotal role in the plot. However, “helpful” they may have been, I found their meddling to be obsessive and slightly out of character for their ages. Thankfully, they somewhat redeemed themselves in the end. The story arc was well developed, and although the read was a bit lengthy, it had a firm grip on my heart the entire time.
Overall, Unsocial is an excellent pick for readers who enjoy the “forbidden romance” theme. The addition of the family dynamics truly made this read unique. One week later and I am still thinking about this read! As I have grown quite attached to the characters in this book, I certainly hope Ms. Dykes will give us more. I am ready and waiting!


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