Snatch~by Scott Hildreth

4.5 Darkest Stars

“Like father, like son.”

Snatch is an unconventional read that evokes extreme emotions. What is wrong and what is justified is the question. Amidst the bloody torture and sexually charged deviance of the characters in this twisted tale, the evolution of one broken boy is explored. This is not a typical read.Snatch is grainy and dirty and wrong and just like the broken characters on display, redemption is not always inevitable.


Ryan Capshaw is a successful business man. With his decadent Rolex watch and his fancy car, he seems to be living the dream. Through flashes of moments spent with his mother, we recognize Ryan’s Obsession Compulsive Disorder. Additionally, Ryan is a hunter. The years of abuse and degradation inflicted by his father have caused Ryan to dwell in the dark. Ryan is obsessed with blood and sex. This lethal combination motivates him to play a deadly game.


“Tomorow at precisely zero-eight-hundred hours one of you is going to die.”

Ryan abducts four women and uses them to measure the effects on their psyche while exposed to psychological torture and terror. Each woman has a unique personality and life experiences which are explored as the plot drives forward.

“I don’t want to die.”


“God is always present.”

In addition to the darkness, Ryan is drawn to the light of a girl named Ami, a tattooed barista, who unknowingly has attracted the attention of a killer. Ami’s seemingly normal addition to Ryan’s life is a stark contrast to the other women featured in this read. Through killing, coffee drinking, and visits with his mother, moments from Ryan’s childhood flash like a projector on a screen. Like a train wreck, you want to turn your head the other way and yet, you have to see what will happen next.


“Lessons. Life is about learning lessons. The earlier in life we learn them the quicker we are able to make corrections to our lives.”

Told in third person, Snatch was violent and raw. The story arc is quite unconventional. Instead of the typical solitary plot with a “standard” beginning, middle, and end and a “simple” conflict and resolution there are multiple layers and plot lines that are explored simultaneously. These fragmented pieces were, for me, symbolic of Ryan’s mind. Ryan is quite the intellectual. He is sexy, successful and frankly, I wanted so badly to relate to him. I wanted everything to be ok for him. His past made me feel sorry for him and yet, did it justify his actions? Because I do not live in an asylum (as of right now while I am writing this review), I could not possibly relate to him. I could only sit back and act as a witness to the horror and sexual deviance.

“To live or to die. Choices and lessons.”

Ryan is the clear anti-hero in this story and the females are all secondary characters. (This is just another clever element of this read.) It is natural for a reader to connect and clearly identify the “hero” and “heroine” in the story. That is not possible to do in this read. Ryan remains the central character in this story. Everyone else is just one piece of HIS broken story. Simply stated: this is not a typical “Stockholm love story” where the characters miraculously overcome torture and death and make a life for themselves on the beach of an exotic island at the end. (There is absolutely nothing wrong with those stories. In fact, I like them.) If that is what you are hoping for while reading this book, you will be greatly disappointed in the end. Instead, you can expect blood, violence, psychological warfare, and some amped up sex that will either make you sick to your stomach or turn you on in the sickest possible way.


Overall, Snatch is messy, raw, and gritty. This ADD reader loved every minute of it. You cannot possibly validate or explain the content in this book. You can only sit back and accept the madness for what it is. The musing of a broken man just trying to live his life the only way he knows how. Mr. Hildreth continues to impress me with his ability to explore the unexpected. His versatility knows no bounds. His naturalistic writing style, unique plot lines, and sincere characterization keep me coming back for more. With my Hildreth shelf full of love stories, action packed MC reads, sexy fighters and now the addition of Snatch on the shelf, it appears that Mr. Hildreth can truly write it all. Well done SD! Thank you for making my stomach convulse, my heart hurt, and for making my brain work on overdrive long after the last page was turned. I can say with 100 percent certainty, I will never forget this read. Ever!

This was a BR with some of my Shhluts as part of ShhLYT(F)BR week: DARK BOOKS!
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