Phoenix~Cecilia London


“My head hurts. My heart hurts. Existing hurts.”


Phoenix is the 4th book in the Bellator Saga, and the series must be read in order. With each book, the stakes are higher, the action is more intense, and the raw emotions take you on a ride that you will never forget.

Phoenix doesn’t waste anytime submerging the reader right back into the action. Caroline and her crew have arrived safely to the rebellion’s home base. Now that she and Jack have been reunited you might think that everything will be as right and jolly as a trip to Disneyworld. And yet, you couldn’t be more wrong. Caroline has been through so much trauma that her physical scars don’t even begin to compare to the emotional stress she is facing every day. The struggle for Caroline is real and with each moment that passes her fortress of steel grows stronger and colder. Clinging to her friends, she does everything she can to push Jack away.

“Caroline belonged to him and no one else. And he was going to make her see that.”


“Love. The knowledge that it’s more important to maintain those ties with one another than to do anything to risk the precious bonds that bring us together.”

Meanwhile, Jack is dying to hold his wife. He struggles to understand her distance and is forced to stand by on the sidelines while she spends each day with her friends by her side. Caroline is not alone in her emotional battle with her demons. Jack is forced to take a hard look at himself. Suddenly all of his insecurities and mistakes from his past begin to haunt him. Caroline does everything she can to hit him right where it hurts. Everytime! Jack is forced to balance the pain of not being with Caroline and the responsibility of leading the rebellion. As the Commander, the safety and protection of the entire base weigh heavily on his shoulders.

“You’re still the only woman I see. The only woman I need. I know you’re in there somewhere, sweet Caroline.”


“Fight for me! Fight for us!”

Told in dual POV, Phoenix literally tore me apart. The complexity of the brokenness between Caroline and Jack and the constant reminder of their precious time together held me captive the entire read. The tempo of the writing is well paced as the emotional war is waged between Caroline and Caroline. Left in the path of destruction is Jack! My heart was breaking for both of them. In true London style, the addition of the flashback scenes enhanced the read tremendously by offering a constant reminder of the beauty (and steam) that is a critical element of Caroline and Jack’s relationship. They have been through so much and to see them breaking apart was sheer torture. The secondary characters in Phoenix play a pivotal role in offering support to the main characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics between all of the characters. As for the action, the threat of the corrupt government is still looming as the fight for freedom continues. With action, steamy romance, and emotional trauma, Phoenix packs quite a punch! It will evoke an emotional warfare on your heart like you have never experienced before.

“Don’t cry, baby. No one can hurt you. Not while I’m here.”


“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”


Overall, Phoenix was a stunning addition to the series. The character development in this series is so precise that every emotion is felt to the core. Prepare your heart for raw, intense, and unforgettable moments that will leave you breathless. I found myself glued to the pages in one moment and then in the next needing to put my kindle down to take a break from the torment. The smart writing and endearing characters make Phoenix a must read. This series has become one of my absolute favorites, and I am DYING for the next book to be released. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check this series out, you need to run to AMAZON now! You will be so glad that you did. Bravo Ms. London! Bravo!

***The Bellator Saga***
Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) by Cecilia LondonConscience (Bellator Saga, #2) by Cecilia LondonSojourn (Bellator Saga, #3) by Cecilia LondonPhoenix (Bellator Saga, #4) by Cecilia London

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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