Dick~by Scott Hildreth


“You want something to choke on? I can resolve that problem. Quick.”


Are you ready to get stuffed full? With high-speed car chases, diamonds, money, high fashion, smoking hot sex and one leopard, Dick knows how to please! This cast of quirky characters and non-stop action, will leave you on the edge of your seat for the entire read!


“Working for a living sucked big fat dicks. Deep within me, a little rich girl resided, all I lacked was the resources.”

Jess, the leading lady, is a sassy cocktail waitress just waiting for her life to begin. With champagne taste on a Keystone beer budget, Jess has remained true to herself and is committed to finding fun and fortune wherever fate may bring her. When running late for work one morning, her whole life changes in a flash.


“I was a criminal and an asshole. And I was good at being both.”

Dick, our hero, is cocky, talented, driven, and fully endowed in all the right places! When he meets Jess, he sees a “smoking hot one stop shop” for fun and excitement. The two spend one night together, and the delicious combination of the quick-witted banter and physical attraction that exists between the two is like fire and gasoline! When Jess and Dick recognize their compatibility and succumb fully to each other, a modern Bonnie and Clyde is born and together they are ready to take on the world.

“His tongue circled my clit. He sucked, nibbled, and fingered his way into my pussy and into my heart.”


“I had every intention of fucking Dick so good, so hard, and with such crazed passion that he’d have no choice but to make me his significant other. His favorite piece of ass, his main bitch…”

Told in dual POV, Dick is like watching a blockbuster movie unfold before your eyes. The well-crafted dialogue and absurd situations made this read a sheer delight. The characters were well matched both emotionally and physically, and each second these two are together is full of over the top entertainment. (Let’s just say a trip to TARGET will never be the same!) I found both Dick and Jess to be very likable characters. Their character traits were extreme and completely uninhibited. There’s nothing better than escaping to a world where anything and everything goes! While enjoying the ride, in true Hildreth style, there was deep meaning embedded in the fun. This unique plot full of energy, mystery, and erotic sexcapades will leave you breathless and wanting more! When it comes to Dick, be ready for a good laugh, happy cry, and get your man (and your car keys) because you will most likely want to hit the TARGET parking lot soon.

“Love is when someone else’s needs, wants, and desires come before your own.”


“Will you be my partner?


Overall, Dick is another Hildreth homerun. If you are looking for fun, action, and steamy sex, look no further! To find joy in the mundane of day to day life is admirable. To find the love that completes you is irreplaceable. Thankfully Dick and Jess find both and I, for one, am thrilled that I was along for the ride. Well done, Mr. Hildreth! My Kindle is ready and waiting for more!


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