Crazies R Us at RT in VEGAS!


RT was so much fun! I was able to meet so many authors, readers, and fellow bloggers. I was finally able to meet friends for the first time (in person) and make some memories that will stay with me forever. These are just a few of my favorite moments that I would like to share!


Scott Hildreth


I was able to get my copy of Broken People signed and some Scott Hildreth swag! Scott is friendly, smart, and very kind! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him in Vegas!

Books by Scott Hildreth:

Undefeated (Fighter Erotic Romance, #1) by Scott HildrethUnbroken (Fighter Erotic Romance, #4) by Scott HildrethMaking the Cut (Selected Sinners MC, #1) by Scott HildrethBaby Girl Ruined (Erik Ead Trilogy, #1) by Scott HildrethBaby Girl Loved (Erik Ead Trilogy, #3) by Scott HildrethUnleashed (Fighter Erotic Romance, #3) by Scott HildrethHung (Selected Sinners MC, #4) by Scott HildrethTaking the Heat (Selected Sinners MC, #2) by Scott HildrethOtis (Selected Sinners MC, #3) by Scott HildrethFuck Buddy by Scott HildrethEx-Con (Selected Sinners MC, #5) by Scott HildrethFinding Parker by Scott HildrethBroken People by Scott HildrethBaby Girl Owned (Erik Ead Trilogy, #2) by Scott HildrethThreefold by Scott HildrethMoney Shot (Selected Sinners MC, #6) by Scott HildrethAlpha-Bet (Christy Cross, #1) by Scott HildrethLet's Be Honest (Erik Ead Trilogy, #2.5) by Scott HildrethKarter by Scott HildrethBlurred Lines (Bodies, Ink & Steel, #1) by Scott HildrethPretty In Ink (Bodies, Ink & Steel, #2) by Scott HildrethHard Corps (Selected Sinners MC, #7) by Scott HildrethDick by Scott HildrethConfessions of a Smut Author by Scott HildrethStepsister Seduction by Scott HildrethJessie Jayne When It All Began by Scott HildrethSNATCH A Dark Erotica by Scott Hildrethdescription
Jessica Hildreth


Jessica just published her first coloring book and I was able to get my copy signed. Jessica is talented, funny, and loads of fun!

Jessica’s Coloring Book:
Potty Mouth A Coloring Book for Adults by J.A. Hildrethdescription
Celia Aaron

Celia gifted me with a signed copy of:


Celia is funny, friendly, and we had a blast! I was so excited to meet her that I started Cleat Chaser on the plane ride home and have been loving it! (Sloane if you read this just know I will be sending you my signed copy to get your signature as well!)

Books by Celia:
Counsellor (Acquisition, #1) by Celia AaronMagnate (Acquisition, #2) by Celia AaronSovereign (Acquisition, #3) by Celia AaronCleat Chaser by Celia AaronBad Boy Valentine The Hard and Dirty Holidays by Celia AaronForced by the Kingpin (Forced Series #1) by Celia AaronForced by the Professor (Forced Series #2) by Celia AaronF*ck of the Irish (The Hard and Dirty Holidays, #4) by Celia AaronForced by the Quarterback (Forced Series #5) by Celia AaronForced by the Stepbrother (Forced Series #4) by Celia AaronA Stepbrother for Christmas The Hard and Dirty Holidays by Celia AaronBad Boy Valentine Wedding (The Hard and Dirty Holidays) by Celia Aarondescription
Elizabeth Brown


Elizabeth gifted me a signed copy of both The Lessons and The Rules! She was such a delight to spend time with. She is funny and even my husband was fangirling over her! 😀


Books by Elizabeth Brown:
The Lessons (Off-Limits, #1) by Elizabeth BrownThe Rules (Off-Limits, #2) by Elizabeth BrownDetermined (Determined #1) by Elizabeth BrownDetermined To Win (Determined #3) by Elizabeth BrownDetermined To Love (Determined Trilogy, #2) by Elizabeth Browndescription
Shay Savage


Shay gifted me a signed copy of Surviving Rayne.

Books by Shay Savage:
Surviving Raine (Surviving Raine, #1) by Shay SavageOtherwise Alone (Evan Arden, #1) by Shay SavageTranscendence by Shay SavageOffside by Shay SavageBastian's Storm (Surviving Raine, #2) by Shay SavageOtherwise Occupied (Evan Arden, #2) by Shay SavageOtherwise Unharmed (Evan Arden, #3) by Shay SavageAlarm by Shay SavageTakedown Teague (Caged, #1) by Shay SavageUncockblockable (Evan Arden, #2.5) by Shay SavageSavaged by Shay SavageTrapped (Caged, #2) by Shay SavageWorth (Bend Anthology) by Shay SavageReleased (Caged, #3) by Shay SavageCommodity by Shay SavageIsolated (Evan Arden, #4) by Shay SavageSpecimen by Shay SavageIrrevocable (Evan Arden, #5) by Shay SavageKandace and the Beast by Shay SavageOtherwise Complete (Evan Arden, #1-3) by Shay SavageSurviving The Storm (Surviving Raine, #1-2) by Shay Savagedescription
Setta Jay


Setta is probably one of my favorite Paranormal Authors! She gifted me with a signed copy of her novella which is no longer available for purchase. (I kind of cried it was so awesome!)

Books by Setta Jay:
Ecstasy Unbound (The Guardians of the Realms, #1) by Setta JayEcstasy Claimed (The Guardians of the Realms, #2) by Setta JayDenying Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms, #3) by Setta JayPiercing Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms, #5) by Setta JayTempting Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms, #4) by Setta JayHidden Ecstasy (The Guardians of the Realms, #0.5) by Setta JayBinding Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms, #6) by Setta JaySearing Ecstasy (The Guardians of the Realms, #7) by Setta JayDivine Ecstasy (The Guardians of the Realms, #8) by Setta Jaydescription
Kristen Ashley


I was so excited to meet KA! I have read all of her books and her new book is already ready and waiting on my kindle! I was able to get three of my favorite books by her signed!

More candid shots…

Becky McGraw and K Bromberg

Leisa Rayven and my signed copies of two of my favorite books!


Sue, Liz, and Sylvia Day


Alessandra Torre and the most awesome Jay Crownover!


Julie Murphy and Autumn Jones Lake


Aleatha Romig and Keira Cass


And of course, some cover model hotties of which of course Celia Aaron and I had to meet!


RT was simply an unforgettable experience. After I said my goodbyes, it was evident that Vegas will never be the same again! I received an abundance of free books, fun pens, sexy swag, and a million memories! Special love and thanks to all of the authors and their unbelievable generosity! The romance community is the best group of people in the world! Until next time RT!



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