My Gym Desires~O.M. Wills

~3.75 Smokin’ Hot Stars~

“Oh, I see Mami wants me to fill that kitty up.”

My Gym Desires was a smoking hot read! If you are looking for material to get your blood pumping and experience pure unadulterated fun, then this is the read for you! This novella has three short and sexy stories that are full of fun and steam!

The Lonely Writer, Out Matched, and Assisting The Trainer are all quick stories that center around a gym. The dialogue fits naturally with the context of the read and the pacing was quick and to the point. Becuase this is a novella, the character development is not the focus in this read. Instead, the detachment from the characters offer the reader a “free pass” to experience the naughtiness of getting down and dirty with your lustful desires without any fear of morality creeping in. It was dirty and quite entertaining!
Overall, My Gym Desires is a quick pleasurable read that will put a smile on your face and let your naughty side come out to play! This was quite a stretch for me (no pun intended) in regards to delving into the “erotica side of romance” and I am so glad that I checked this sexy read! I would certainly read more from Mr. Wills and I highly recommend this novella to anyone looking for a quick escape to the racy side of reading!

***Books by O.M. Wills*
My Gym Desires by O.M. WillsMy College Desires by O.M. Wills

Read as part of the Shh… Male Authors in Erotica event!



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