Cleat Chaser~by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell

~4.5 Smoking Sexy Stars!~

“It’s time for you to suck it up, buttercup. Nothing wrong with being a cleat chaser like me.”~Nikki


Cleat Chaser is a laugh out loud stand-alone read that will leave you breathless and yearning for more! The witty dialogue and endearing characters will give you hours of entertainment making Cleat Chaser a must read for contemporary romance readers!
Kyrie is a successful business woman who has given up on love. After having her heart broken by a professional baseball player, men are the last thing on her to-do list! However, when her best friend Nikki finds love with a local baseball player, she convinces Kyrie to tag along for a game. It doesn’t take long for Nikki to catch the attention of the sexy pitcher of the team.

“I caught a glimpse of her brunette hair and hauled ass in her direction.”~Easton


“I said that you and Easton have an obvious chemistry and it would be a good idea for you to let him put his dick in you.”~Nikki

It takes Easton about five seconds to decide that Kyrie is the woman for him. With his best friend Braden and his younger sister Kasey, Easton has all of the back-up he needs to seal the deal. He just needs to get Kyrie on board for the ride!

“Bro, strike these whores out and go fuck the prom queen. It’s the jock code.”~Braden


“He caged my throat with one hand as he dug in his pocket with the other. It was odd, possessive, and made my panties combust.”~Kyrie

Kyrie and Easton share a charged dance of back and forth before finally coming together. Just when it seems Kyrie is ready to give her heart to Easton, old demons threaten their new romance. Can Kyrie and Easton find a way to lasting love?

“I’ve never seen you love anything as much as baseball until she came along. Stop being a twat rocket and do something about it.”~Braden


“He obliged, licking up my chest and neck until he claimed my lips as his. It was a messy kiss, full of every ounce of passion and need we’d stoked in each other.”~Kyrie

Told in dual POV, Cleat Chaser was an absolute delight. The fast paced dialogue was full of hilarious banter and each moment is charged with action, sexy steam, and swoon-worthy emotions. The characters are well developed, and their close relationships to each other are endearing and drew me in from the first scene of the book. This is a quick read that once you start, you will not be able to put it down. You will laugh, happy cry, and swoon over Kyrie and Easton the entire read. Although the plot of boy meets girl has been played out countless times before, it is the unique delivery ofCleat Chaser that makes it original and one baseball romance that must not be missed! In addition to the upbeat pacing and the loveable characters, the steam factor is off the charts hot! The chemistry between Easton and Kyrie was intense and rest assured those highlighted scenes will be re-read again and again!

“I love you, Kyrie.”~Easton

Overall, I cannot recommend Cleat Chaser enough. I was blown away by the smooth writing styles of both Ms. Aaron and Mr. Howell. Never have I read a book written by two authors where the transitions were so smoothly connected. The seamless shift between the POV’s made Kyrie and Easton come alive and find a place in my heart forever! All I can say is run to Amazon now! As for Ms. Aaron and Mr. Howell, I want more! I will be waiting!

*ARC graciously provided via authors in exchange for an honest review!*


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