Elastic Hearts~Claire Contreras

~4 Crazies Stars~

“I deserved better than to be somebody’s dirty little secret. I deserved to be number one in somebody’s life.”


Elastic Hearts is the third book in the Hearts Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone although keep in mind the characters featured in the series overlap quite a bit. Each installment of this series has pulled on my emotions and held my heart in a vise! The character driven plot is heartfelt, and each book is passionate writing at its best!


Nicole Alessi is a Hollywood Socialite, who has found success as a costume designer working on movie sets. Her stardom happened rather quickly when she married a famous star working on set. However, like many Hollywood couples, their marriage was short-lived. When Nicole goes to her father’s law firm for help with her divorce, the past meets the present as an old fling is assigned to her case.

“I would have felt shy, had it not been for the way he looked at me, like I was the most incredible thing he’d ever seen.”


Victor is a dominant alpha male that exudes professionalism and power. When Nicole’s case is dropped on his desk, he is taken by surprise. Although the time they spent together was brief, she left an impression on him. Even after all of these years, he has tried to forget about her and yet, she is most definitely “the one that got away.”

“Fuck. My. Life.”


“So you want to be the asshole that takes me home?”
“More than anything.”

Victor and Nicole have a heated past and with Nicole’s divorce looming, they are forced to maintain a professional relationship. Both are attracted to one another, and the “forbidden romance” factor only increases their desire to rekindle the flame. Victor is quite stubborn and career driven. If he gives into his desires, he could loose his license and any chance at making partner at the firm. Nicole has already experienced rejection from her failed marriage and Victor’s presence ignites her fears and insecurities to the extreme. The only question is, can they find a way together?

“I’d told her she was mine-pounded that into her-as if that would convince her to never doubt it.”


“Victor didn’t let me take breaks. He didn’t give me time to sit up and try to please him. Instead, he propped a hand on either side of my head and pushed himself inside me.”

Told in dual POV, Elastic Hearts is a deeply emotional read. The characters are quite complex, and every ounce of their emotions are explored throughout each moment. The push and pull between the two is quite intense. When Victor and Nicole come together, buttons fly, and frenzied sex takes center stage! Needless to say, IT WAS HOT! I would categorize this romance as a mature read. Both Nicole and Victor have invested so much in their careers that it takes time for them to find their way together. This factor was necessary for the plot, and yet, the pacing was slower than the standard boy meets girl romance. Claire’s writing style is so unique because she captures the emotions of her characters so vividly. It is akin to watching a scene unfold before your eyes and feeling every second of it deep down in the feels!


Overall, Elastic Hearts was a great addition to the series. It was such a treat to re-visit some of my favorite characters from the series (ahem JENSEN and MIA), and Victor and Nicole were such endearing characters that I couldn’t help but root for them the entire read. Ms. Contreras is one of my go-to authors because of her beautiful characters and well-developed plot lines. I highly recommend this series to all of my contemporary romance friends!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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