Mr. Perfect~J.A. Huss

~5 Mister Perfect Stars~

“This is perfect. Every bit of this is perfect.”

Mr. Perfect is truly perfect. J.A. Huss offers a masterpiece with a creative plot, complex characters, humorous text and an overabundance of sexy steam! For me, there is nothing better than laughing and swooning my way through a book. As the first installment of the Mister Series, Mr. Perfectmakes quite an entrance on the scene on what promises to be another winning series from Ms. Huss.


“I am scenery to these people. I am a view.”

Ellie Hatcher is a dreamer who lives life every day to its fullest. Offering an overabundance of quirky charm at her job, she spends her days with socialites and stars. While offering friendly advice and comfort to her clients every day, she “delivers them” from their private jets to their interview meeting place. Although she loves her job, she is ready for more. As she is formulating her exit strategy, a new boss arrives on the scene.

“And of course, that’s when it happens, right? Life twists and things change when you’re doing ordinary things and not paying attention.”


“Kneel. And take my dick out.”

McAllister Stonewall is perfect! He is sexy, successful, polished, and has a “take charge” aura that doesn’t stop. Mac has been hired to take care of business with the company. However, when he sets his sight on Ellie, she becomes the only project that he wants to invest in.

“I gave you a promotion this morning, Miss. Hatcher.”
“To what? Stairwell dick-sucker?”


“Undress me. If you can’t ask for what you want, I’m happy to go first.”

As the plot unfolds, it is revealed that Ellie and Mac share somewhat of an unconventional connection. The combination of their “mysterious connection” and the sexual chemistry that exists between them becomes a driving force that simply will not stop. Mac and Ellie explore their physical relationship on the desk in his corporate office, in the shower of his penthouse, and anywhere he can “bend her”. Although she is such a “nice girl”, Ellie is happy to go along for the ride. (Thankfully we get to watch!) In addition to their physical connection, they form a unique friendship that continues to blossom as the time passes. As Mac continues to foster Ellie’s adventurous spirit, the true conflict arises. Ellie isn’t quite sure that she can be “perfect enough” for Mr. Perfect? And, is Mr. Perfect really perfect?


“I’ll fix it.”

Told in dual POV, Mr. Perfect is fast paced with an upbeat banter, a unique setting, and complex characters. The relationship between Ellie and Mac is a perfect blend of a deep emotional bond and a “high-octane charged” physical connection. Despite their differences, they are “perfectly” matched! Additionally, the supporting characters were just as endearing as Ellie and Mac. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that both Ellie and Mac took as individuals and together. The unique plot was well constructed and had a few surprises along the way. The true heart of this story is about finding peace with yourself and with the people around you. I took my time enjoying every page because I didn’t want it to end. The writing was light and yet quite complex. For a feel good funny read, Mr. Perfect certainly will not disappoint!

“I feel like we really know each other. Like we’re on our way to something new. A relationship, and not one that is delusional. We’re real.”


“Just meet me in the hanger.”


Overall, Mr. Perfect offers a vibrant cast of characters with quick-witted humor and plenty of steam. In addition to Mac and Ellie, Ms. Huss offers us a taste of the men to come! Needless to say, the anticipation of what is to come is great, and my Kindle will be waiting! J.A. Huss is quite a versatile writer and always draws me in with her passionate writing and complex characters every single time! If you are looking for a dominant hero with plenty of passion and wit, you need to meet Mr. Perfect now! Your body, heart, and soul will say thank you!

~Mister Series~
Mr. Perfect (Mister, #1) by J.A. HussMr. Romantic (Mister, #2) by J.A. HussMr. Corporate (Mister, #3) by J.A. HussMr. Mysterious (Mister, #4) by J.A. HussMr. Match (Mister, #5) by J.A. Huss

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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