Chasing Eva~by Camellia Hart

~3.75 Stars~

“Clive had set her free; from her apprehensions, from her past, from her future, and from all else that wasn’t this moment. And this moment was all she wanted now.”


Chasing Eva is a light contemporary romance reader’s delight. With likeable characters and an intriguing plot, this debut novel certainly packs a punch. This is the first novel in the trilogy.


Eva Avery is a young professional who is striving to run her father’s company. Although she wanted to be a chef, her father’s passing left her “heir” to the company. After a successful start leading the interior design firm, things begin to crumble. Someone doesn’t want Eva’s company to succeed.

“God, she was beautiful.”

Clive Stanton is Eva’s biggest clients. The wealthy playboy is frequently featured in the tabloids and flourishing financially. When Clive’s company threatens to break the contract, Eva is left floundering. It is when they meet that Clive discovers Eva is “the one who got away”.


As Clive and Eva form a friendship, fire is ignited between the two. While romance is blooming, Clive finds out that someone is trying to cause Eva’s business to fail. With Clive’s background in the FBI, he secretly teams up with his old crew to try to keep Eva protected and discover the culprit.

“It had been only a few weeks since she’d first met him, and already he was turning out to be hard to resist.”


“I have a gift for you.”

Told in the third person (dual POV), Chasing Eva has likeable characters, an intriguing plot, and plenty of steam. The relationship between Clive and Eva develops rather quickly, and although I enjoyed the chemistry between the two, I am looking forward to more depth in their relationship as the trilogy continues. The supporting characters were probably my favorite element of the read as Eva’s friends and Clive’s siblings enhanced the plot nicely. Additionally, the tempo of the read was well paced. At times, Eva made some very predictable choices that didn’t mesh with her “strong/young professional persona”. At times I did want to throw my kindle down and yell “don’t go in the woods…” and yet, I still enjoyed her character. In the end, the conflict with Eva’s company is left unresolved, however, rest assured, Clive and Eva’s relationship is left in “HFN Heaven” at the conclusion of this first book.

“You need to stop running away from me.”



Overall, I enjoyed Chasing Eva and look forward to watching this series develop. I think contemporary romance readers who like “low drama/low stress” reads will enjoy this tender romance. Clive is a sexy and romantic hero and is paired nicely with Eva. I look forward to reading more from this author!

*ARC graciously provided via the author in exchange for an honest review!*


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