Crave Me~M. Robinson


“Love was blinding and at time cruel. You only saw what you wanted to see, what you so desperately desired. Only picturing the good, never the bad.”


Crave Me is a beautifully broken story of love, friendship, family, and the toxicity of addiction. Each moment is pumped with adrenaline as Austin and Briggs cling to each other for dear life. The Good Ol’ Boys Series is one of my favorites and this addition to the set certainly exceeded all of my expectations. Although the characters overlap throughout the series, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone. Crave Me is a simply stunning piece of art and Austin and Briggs’ love story is one that I will never forget!


Briggs is a strong heroine who has suffered great loss in her life. Learning to be independent and strong, she has made mistakes, and yet, she has learned to own them and make them a part of herself. While working one night, she meets our hero Austin! Austin takes her breath away, and the two instantly make a connection.

“I think I just fell in love with you.”


“I never felt accepted, I never felt good enough, and that’s what killed me the most. That’s what ate away at me, piece by piece.”

Austin is the youngest Good Ol’ Boys, and we have watched him battle addiction and heartbreak. In Crave Me we finally get to experience his battle first hand. Throughout the hard knocks in life, he has endured plenty! However, when he meets Briggs we see peace and joy in Austin that we have never seen before. But is love really enough?

“You’re addicted to drugs, Austin. And I’m addicted to you. And our love is just as fucking toxic.”


“In one thrust, I was balls deep insider her. Home. We moaned in unison, both appreciating what the other was giving. She fit like a fucking glove, tightly wrapped around my cock.”

In true M. Robinson style, Crave Me covers the complete timeline of Austin and Briggs’ lives. We bear witness to the joys and heartbreaks both main characters experience. Additionally, the supporting characters maintain their place of importance as the plot unfolds. Everytime Austin and Briggs find a place of peace and contentment, the evil bitch of addiction threatens to rip them apart again.

“Fuck you, Austin!”
“I’d rather fuck you, baby.”


“I want to fuck you with my mouth. After I’m done making you come, over and over again, tasting you all around my tongue, I want to fuck you with my fingers and then have you lick them clean so when I claim your goddamn mouth I can still taste you as I fuck you.”

Told in dual POV, Crave Me was an unforgettable read. The characterization is complex and uniquely crafted. The writing flows smoothly and naturally throughout keeping the reader engrossed in every moment. The physical connection between Austin and Briggs was intoxicating and the passion they share left me breathless and wanting more. When the intensity drives to a point of breaking, the characters find a level of stillness in the safety of their love. There was not one moment that I doubted they would overcome their demons together.

“I wanted to love her so damn hard that she would still feel me in the morning.”


Overall, Crave Me is a must read. It is by far my favorite read of the year and will stay with me forever. I have never been a fan of angst, and yet M. Robinson pulls me in every time. I can guarantee that if M. Robinson is writing, I will be reading.

***The Good Ol’ Boys Series***
Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1) by M. RobinsonForbid Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #2) by M. RobinsonUndo Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #3) by M. RobinsonCrave Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #4) by M. Robinson


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