Brawler~Scott Hildreth


“My name’s Beth, but no on ever calls me by my name, either. They call me Jaz. It’s short for Jasmine. This is my story. It’s about fighting, fucking, and falling in love. In that order.”


Brawler is a knockout! A story of “fighting, fucking, and falling in love.”, it punches you straight in the gut, steals your breath, and just when you think you are down for the count, you are pressed deeper before being pulled back to life.


“Hoping to find love, I took advantage of most of them. Love, however, remained elusive.”

Brawler is the story of Jaz. A fighter who has lived the definition of a “hard knock life”. Growing up in an abusive home, she has tried to find love wherever she could.



“…life was a blur of boys, beer, blowjobs, and being backhanded by my father.”

As we all know the town “slut” isn’t expected to go far. However, Jaz is special. Jaz isn’t a quitter! Under the mentorship of a wise trainer, she does indeed find a future and a reason to keep fighting. Jaz has skills in the boxing ring. She excels at training and fighting. However, when life once again deals her a low blow, she makes her way to Texas. In search of the beach and peace, she ends up in Austin. It doesn’t take long for Jaz to use her fighting skills to protect herself. Just after rolling into town, she catches the eye of Ripp.

“You’re hands are quick as a motherfucker, girl. Where the fuck’d you learn to fight like that?”

Ripp is a trainer at a local gym and is happy to offer Jaz the chance of a lifetime. Ripp will train her and help her make her way to the pros! Not only is Jaz thrilled at the chance to train with Ripp, but she can’t help but notice Ripp’s friend Ethan.

“You’ve got nice eyes. And a terrific ass.”


“It had been almost ten years since I stepped foot in a ring, and equally as long since I’d fought anyone. At that moment, however, I felt like I could have defeated anyone, regardless of their size, ability, experience or training. And only time would tell if I was right or wrong.”

The time training with Ripp reinvigorates Jaz. The muscles that had been laying dormant in her spark back to life and it doesn’t take her long to get back into full fighting form. With her physical stature exceeding expectations, it doesn’t take her long to put some effort into getting the attention of Ethan. Ethan is a perfect match for Jaz. He is strong, athletic, and yet, his gentle and calming spirit is a perfect counterpart for Jaz’s brazen aura. When Ethan and Jaz come together, the climate is scorching! Jaz likes her physical connections to match in the ring and the bedroom. She wants it dirty, rough, and relentless.

“I bit into my bottom lip and mentally prepared for the sexual beating I’d been hoping for. Ethan didn’t disappoint. Blazing a brand new path down a previously traveled road, he thrust his way deep into my memory bank.”

descriptionJAZ and Ethan make a perfect match. The physical connection is quick and as the two begin to spend time together, their emotional connection forged everlasting love. As Jaz’s career continues to progress the understanding of that love and comfort she shares with Ethan cement her heart, brain, and soul. The moment she discovers that Ethan is more than just “sexual fulfillment” is the moment she realizes with him, she is truly home.

“…searchin’ for the perfect love is like searchin’ for the perfect burger. You just need to realize that there’s always somethin’ out there-somewhere-that’ll rival what you got. Hell, maybe it’ll beat it. But if it was good enough to gather your attention in the first place, it ought to be good enough for the long haul. You just got to be smart enough to realize that different isn’t always better.”-Kelsey

descriptionApart from the final chapter Brawler is told in predominantly Jaz’s POV. It is a true blend of romance, action, passion, and stocked full of life lessons. In true Hildreth style, friendship and loyalty are the driving force of the plot. The secondary characters continue to enhance the plot and offer a backdrop to Jaz’s journey. The pacing is perfect with the action of the boxing ring, the sexual chemistry between the main characters, and the underlying love between friends. The highs in Brawler had me laughing until my sides heart. The lows in the story had my heart breaking. And yet, isn’t that a true reflection of life? How refreshing to experience it through the eyes of a strong and sassy heroine like Jaz. She is simply unforgettable. Ethan made my heart melt with his easy going personality and together, I simply could not take my eyes away.

“I loved Ethan with all my heart, and I new nothing could change the way I felt.”


Overall, Brawler is a must read. It has a little bit of everything for everyone and the emotions evoked will allow you to pause and reflect on all of the important things. It will remind you to keep fighting and never give up. Mr. Hildreth has once again made me laugh, cry, and swoon (sometimes all at the same time). I highly recommend this read to all of my reading friends. You will certainly not want to miss meeting JAZ!!!! She is “one mouthy little bitch” that I will never forget! Well done SD! As always, reading your work is a true delight!


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