My Rating 5 ★★★★★ Suspenseful Stars

Title: Evil
Author: Tijan
Genre: Paranormal/ Angels and Demons 
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female
Publication: May 13, 2016

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“We were strong separately, but when we were together, we were impenetrable.”


EVIL is a standalone paranormal story, a battle between Demons and Angels that takes place in high school in the city of Minnesota.  It focus around the BRADEN foursome family who are perfect, gorgeous, mysterious and dysfunctional.  The Braden family are composed by Kellan (dark and smoking HOT); Shay quiet and she don’t like drama; Giuseppa (Gus) she likes to sleep with all the boys and have fun but she could get carried away in a fight; and lastly Vespar he has an attitude and don’t mind fighting anyone or anything.  Everyone knew better than to mess with them.  However; Shay was different the guys seem to mess with her but little did they know that she was more capable of protecting herself.  She knew it too but refused to accept that she was different than everyone.  Kellan knew it all but he wanted her to find out at her own time.  He knew he will be there for her when she was ready to accept her truth. 




Kellan was always protective of Shay; something Shay’s sister and brother resent her for they couldn’t comprehend why such a close bond.  Kellan was a powerful demon living on earth all for the love of Shay; he was a pure ALPHA MALE.  Shay only wanted to be normal and because of it she blocked out her past,her memories;she didn’t remember why she couldn’t see her parents or why she looked so much different; all she wanted was to be normal.  However; when her past comes crashing on her and she finally finds out who she really was and what it really means; so many battles and secrets comes out. Kellan and Shay are in a battle with family, demons, angels and everyone is looking for them; they want their powers but they don’t know that their bond is too strong to break. 




This book was a full of action and it was a bit nerve wrecking;  I was on the edge the entire time because I really didn’t know what was coming next.  We see Demons, Angels, and Magic.  I loved everything about it.  We meet unforgettable characters like Shay’s aunt and her real brother.  I liked how Kellan and Shay could understand each other so well and knew exactly how to protect each other.  They could talk to each other in their minds which was hard to do only bonded people could do it. There’s some amazing action and sacrifices that left me in awe.  This book was packed with suspense and shocking events.  If you are looking for a fantastic fast pace story full of action, suspense, a little romance in the mix you will enjoy this one.  




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Evil by Tijans Books

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