Corrupting Cinderella~by Autumn Jones Lake

~4.5 Corrupting Stars~

“You’re just as clueless as Cinda-fuckin-rella aren’t you? He doesn’t ‘like’ you. He’s fuckin in love with you.”


Corrupting Cinderella is the second book in the Lost Kings MC Series and the continuation of Rock and Hope’s story was full of emotion, heartbreak, action, and love. Now that Hope and Rock are together, can a lawyer and the President of an MC co-exist?


“His love is a precious gift that I won’t allow anyone to tarnish with their ugly words.”

Hope is completely captivated by Rock. His overbearing “take no prisoners” attitude consumes her. As Hope navigates her way through her new “MC LIFE”, she questions her ability to be the woman that Rock needs her to be. Some of Rock’s brothers are less than thrilled to have a civilian lawyer hanging around the club. Additionally, there are plenty of Rock’s former flings hanging around to remind Hope that she is out of her league.

“You aint ever gonna be one of us, sweetie.”


“I couldn’t stand it if something happened to you, baby.”

Rock is head over heels in love with Hope. He is battling his loyalty to his club and his love for Hope. It is evident that he must make some decisions on how to balance both. One thing is certain, Rock and Hope are madly in love and he will kill anyone that tries to take her away from him. But can he break down the walls that Hope herself has put up? With Rocks love and devotion for Hope, anything is possible!

“He keeps driving into me deeper, working me harder. Everything centers around where we’re joined, pleasure drowning me until I can’t hold back any longer.”


“I’m so fucking in love with her that I don’t care if she fits into my world or not. I’ll find a way to make this work, because there is no other option.”

Told in dual POV, Corrupting Cinderella was a stunning addition to the series. I loved the internal battle that Hope and Rock had to face. The pacing was packed with action, drama, tenderness, and steamy sex! (YES!!!!) When Hope and Rock are together, their physical connection is explosive! The supporting characters continue to enhance the plot with their witty banter and boisterous behavior. The character connections and loyal bonds are the driving force of this series! To say I have fallen in love with the men of the LOKI MC would be the understatement of the year.

“I honestly think if someone threatened to take him from me, I would kill them.”


Overall, Corrupting Cinderella is a must read for MC Romance fans! The focus remains on the romance and each moment is captured beautifully. Warning~once you start this series, you will not be able to stop! The natural writing and endearing characters will keep me coming back for more! Bravo Ms. Lake! Bravo!

***Lost Kings MC Series***
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