Slow Burn~by Autumn Jones Lake

~4 Burning Stars~

“I was playing with fire, and it was only a matter of time before one of us got burned.”


Slow Burn is the first book in the Lost Kings MC Series. With complex characters, light action, and a beautiful love story this first installment captured my heart, and it’s never letting go!


Hope Kendall is a successful lawyer living a moderately successful mundane life. She is married and works in family law. When the President of the Lost Kings MC, Rochlan “Rock” North ends up in the courtroom without a lawyer, Hope is called in to do the job. Rock is quite taken with Hope and despite his position in the MC, he decides that he wants to make Hope his. The only problem is that Hope isn’t exactly available. Because she isn’t a cheater, Rock must settle for keeping her in his life by getting her to work for the club.

“This woman was turning me into a crazy assed stalker.”


“It’s a fight not to crush my mouth against hers and carry her out of the bar comic-book-villain style.”

When Hope continues to represent the men in the MC, she attracts the attention of a rival MC. Additionally, although Rock has tried to repress his feelings for Hope, he begins to obsess over being with her. The combination of Rock wanting Hope and that not being possible causes tension both physically and emotionally between the two. When Rock pushes Hope away to protect her, Hope takes a professional hit. However, when life deals Hope a fatal blow, Rock is ready, waiting, and more than willing to take care of her. As Rock and Hope come together, there is a beautiful dance of push and pull that made me smile, cry, and swoon the entire read!

“Besides her permanently in my life, I have no other wants. I need her in my arms, on my skin, in my bed, on my bike every second of every day. “


“Don’t come any closer. You’re like sexual crack. I can’t think straight once you get your hands on me.”

Told in dual POV, Slow Burn is an absolute crowd pleaser! The pacing was perfectly set with just enough action and suspense to keep me on my toes. The emotional connection between Rock and Hope was beautiful and full of love and tenderness. Although Rock is a tough and dominant MC President, his love for Hope is deep and full of tenderness. The physical connection between these two was smoking hot, and it was so fun to see these two “opposites” become one! The supporting characters enhanced the story nicely, and this is one MC that I cannot wait to explore. This is not a “hardcore” MC Romance but the story of two people who fall in love that is a part of an MC.

“…I’ve claimed you, you’ve claimed me. I’m yours as much as you are mine, I mean it. I don’t want to be away from you for more than a second…”


Overall, Slow Burn is a must read for contemporary romance fans who love motorcycles, dominant men, and strong female characters. With light action and plenty of steam, Autumn Jones Lake blew me away with her smart writing and the beautiful moments she created between both Hope and Rock and the brothers of the LOKI will stay with me forever! I am completely taken with this series and now that I have discovered her work I will be devouring every word!

***Lost Kings MC Series***
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