Strength from Loyalty by Autumn Jones Lake


“I’ve died and gone to heaven.”


Don’t you just love it when you discover a new author or series that you just cannot get enough of? That’s how I feel about Autumn Jones Lake and the Lost Kings MC! Strength from Loyalty is the third book in the series, and I truly cannot get enough. This series is a unique MC ROMANCE with its complex characters and true romance. Although there is a plethora of hot biker dudes and action to keep you entertained, it is the love between Rock and Hope that keeps me coming back for more! Book 1-3 must be read in chronological order.


“She’s not a black-and-white kind of person. She lives very much in the gray area right alongside me. We think a lot alike. Protective and loyal to the people we care about. Willing to accept things outside her comfort zone.”

At the conclusion of Corrupting Cinderella, it seemed as though Hope and Rock would finally be able to make things work. They have been through plenty of drama, angst, and pain, and now Rock is ready for Hope to take her place as his “old lady”. Hope has finally arrived emotionally and is ready for the task. With the support of the LOKI family, Rock is ready to expose Hope to the MC life. Their relationship continues to strengthen both physically and emotionally.

“Hope’s a contradiction of shy and sexy. So sweet I want to lick her all over. So sexy I want to take her to the floor and fuck the hell out of her.”


“Forgive me?” She doesn’t hesitate. “Always.”

As with most relationships, the road is not easy. Hope still harbors guilt from the demons of her past. Rock is still trying to protect Hope from the not so legal “club business”. This lethal combination forms a serious rift between the two. They must learn to overcome their fears and past mistakes to find peace in their present and hope for their future.

“My home is wherever you are.”


“Keeping my cock confined from the time she met me at the door until we made it into the bedroom tested all my will. The minute I got her naked, my instincts screamed to take her hard and raw.”

Told in dual POV, Strength from Loyalty is my favorite in the series thus far. (Don’t worry, I have the fourth book on my Kindle ready to go.) Although the action is a bit on the lighter side (compared to most MC Romance books in the genre), I find that I have enjoyed the intensity and focus placed on the journey between two very unlikely people coming together. I adore both Rock and Hope as I find them both to be complex, witty, kind, and fiercely protective of one another. Additionally, the MC family provide plenty of entertainment along the way. Hope’s friends (with their sex and the city vibe) give the read a complete package of characters to explore! I was truly touched and heart broken at times throughout the read. I found the choices both Rock and Hope made to be sincere and each moment was both beautiful and broken (just like life!). The writing style of Ms. Lake is well constructed with a natural flow and humorous dialogue. I am certainly hooked to these characters and I cannot wait for more!

“One look at her soft, quivering body, and I knew she needed it sweet and slow. So that’s what I gave her. Or rather, what she took from me. And it was better than anything ever.”


Overall, Strength from Loyalty was a beautiful read full of steam, romance, and hot bikers. Do I really need to say anymore? I look forward to Tattered on My Sleeve because Wrath and Trinity deserve their own HEA!!!!! I cannot say enough about this series! I love it!

***Lost Kings MC Series***
Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC #1) by Autumn Jones LakeCorrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, #2) by Autumn Jones LakeStrength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC #3) by Autumn Jones LakeTattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC #4) by Autumn Jones LakeThree Kings, One Night (Lost Kings MC #2.5) by Autumn Jones LakeWhite Heat (Lost Kings MC #5) by Autumn Jones Lake


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