Panty Whisperer~by Sloane Howell

~4 Panty Ripping Stars~

“I’ve unleashed the beast. It’s inside of every woman, she just doesn’t know it.”


Are you looking for a smoking hot read with one unstoppable playboy? Then look no further because Panty Whisperer is one stop “panty dropping” explosive read! With humor, witty dialogue, and tender characters, Mr. Howell kept me entertained from the first word to the very last!


“He’s fucking gorgeous.”

Joel “Herbert” Hannover is no stranger to getting what he wants. And what he wants is women. Women in the bedroom, in his car, on his car, in a public restroom, and well … anywhere! Joel doesn’t need any help when it comes to mastering his bedroom skills. He is the master and excels in every situation. With a plethora of woman to choose from, Joel’s sexual escapades keep him very busy. But what happens when he messes with the wrong girl?


“Focus, bitch. Knock things out at the office. Forget about him. Easier said than done…”

Quinn is a sassy, hard working, loyal woman who will stop at nothing to protect her friends. A woman on a mission, she meets Joel and is immediately taken by his good looks and smooth moves. Before she allows the male “succubus” to SUCK her in, she is determined to stay true the task of teaching Joel a lesson he will never forget. With a dash of Star Wars flair, a few quirky sidekicks, ample bursts of sexual clips, some genuine “swoony” tender romance and you have one winning read!


“We’re both momentarily in another world. It’s the best kiss of my life, and I never want to let go of her.”

Told in dual POV, Panty Whisperer is a must read for contemporary romance fans who like their reads FULL STEAM AHEAD! Joel and Quinn were perfectly matched, and their quick-witted banter gave a whole new definition to the term “frenemies”. There were a few moments when I wanted to throw my kindle across the room and yet, I didn’t want to miss one single sexy second! I thoroughly enjoyed the character connections between both the main characters and the secondary characters. The pacing was quick which only added to the intensity of the read! Additionally, there were some heartfelt moments that enhanced the plot and made these characters very relatable and quite endearing.


Overall, Panty Whisperer will provide hours of fun. Originally released as several short stories, I found this stand-alone read to be highly entertaining! Sloane Howell natural writing style blended with pop culture references had me swooning and smiling the entire read. If you are looking for something fun and flirty, run to Amazon now! You will not be disappointed! Mr. Howell, when it comes to te subject of “panty whispering”, you are the JEDI MASTER!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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