My Rating 5★★★★★Powerful & Emotional Ride Stars

Title: Out Of The Dark
Author: Claire C. Riley
Genre: Post-Apocalypse/Paranormal
Type: Book 1 of Out Of The Dark/Into The Light Series
POV: First Person – Female
Publication: May 26, 2016

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“Death is chasing us down, and I can’t let it win…The sun sleeps and the monsters come alive, stalking and chasing us through the night..I don’t want to die.”


Once upon a time a woman finds herself happy with a husband and a lovely child but in a blink of an eye her life changes.  Her loving husband becomes a monster; he gets the virus that is spreading and killing the entire world.  The husband is now dangerous and kills their only child the woman has no choice but to save herself by killing the one she loved. There was a disease that evolved and infected more and more people until they infected the world, until no one was safe. 

“The end is inevitable. It is death, and one way or another, it will come for us.”

Out Of The Dark is an emotional, heart whelming, powerful story about a woman; a mother; fighting for survival when there is no hope. When she was finally given up and decided there was no one and nothing to live for anymore she finds a little angel.  This woman finds her reason for living; her reason for being.  A blonde child, with beautiful curls is hiding in a field of yellows, oranges, greens of sunflowers.  This girl was LILLY; she was hiding from the monsters and this woman finds her and decides that she will LIVE for this child; she will do anything in her power to keep this child alive even if deep inside she knew it was most likely impossible that they will survive this horror.  




The days are not long enough when they need the light; the monsters only come out at night.  They are loud, have red eyes, claws and are animals but in a human figure.  In this dangerous life the only hope they have is to live one day at a time hoping that one day they’ll find a safe place.  Traveling on foot, finding whatever they can eat to survive and sometimes not even eating for days was a nightmare in itself but if they still could breathe there was still hope.  They will find happiness on the simple things like water and vegetables and anything worth it.

“I want to see this smile on her face every day for as long as I can.  Because all we are left with at the end is a handful of memories to brighten the darkness.”

This book gutted me; broke me; it left me breathless.  It was such an emotional, heart breaking roller caster ride.  The writing was incredible and phenomenal! I felt like I was this mother from the beginning to the end.  The deep writing on this book was just an amazing ride and was just WOW.  You will not find a love romance in this book but instead a love between a mother and a daughter during post-Apocalypse times. I promise once you read this book you will never forget it.  It’s taking everything I have to finish this review as for I have cried on every paragraph and quote I have written; the pain in my chest is so much and strong I don’t think it will ever go away.  I finished this book with lots of tears and knots in my throat and a stabbing pain in my chest. But I regret nothing, this book was amazing and now I am looking forward to reading book two as soon as it comes out. 



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Out of the Dark #1 by Claire C. Riley

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