Stacked Up~by Sidney Halston


“Your turn, cowboy.”

Stacked Up is the sixth and final book in the Worth the Fight Series. Each book in this series is made complete with complex characters, action, swoon worthy romance, and plenty of sexy steam!!!! Each book can be read as a stand-alone, although, I highly recommend reading the entire series because the characters intertwine nicely throughout the series. As for Stacked Up, it certainly did not disappoint with the story of the southern charmer and MMA Fighter Travis Calhoun and the sweet and struggling single mom Penny Richards.

“Loneliness was a bitch.”

As we learned in Fighting Dirty, Penny has a young daughter named Belle. She has been struggling to make ends meet, and although she is more than attracted to the local MMA Super Star Travis, she is more than hesitant to get involved with him. Travis has been quite vocal about his desire to remain single and “hassle free” and children aren’t quite on his radar. Additionally, Penny has been trying to keep her location secret, and the media coverage that surrounds Travis puts her anonymity in danger.


“I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Travis and Penny are quite opposite. Penny comes from a religious home and has an overall positive outlook on life. Whereas, Travis has been quite jaded by his hard upbringing and now is enjoying his financial wealth and “living life” to the fullest. However, when Penny is in need Travis is quick to step up and take care of Penny and Belle. As secrets are revealed, Travis finds himself more drawn to Penny. The two find solace in each other. They share an easy friendship, and the physical attraction between the two quickly blooms from a spark to an explosion. Although Penny has a child, she is quite naive when it comes to the ways of men and Travis is one “bad boy” that doesn’t mind becoming her teacher!


“Ms. Prim and Proper was about to get fucked hard and dirty, just the way she’d never known she wanted it.”

Stacked Up was a perfect blend of smoking hot “sexy” steam and super sweet love. I adored both Travis and Penny individually and together I felt they were a perfect match. Travis was quite a dirty talker and the way that he cared for Penny and wanted to protect her made this book a winning read for me. The addition of the baby Belle and her ability to win over Travis warmed my heart. The supporting characters play a pivotal role in the story, and there was plenty of sweaty action from the gym and fighting in the ring to keep the blood pumping the entire read.
Overall, I highly recommend this entire series to my fighter romance loving fans! This series is full of fun and steam, and these are characters you will never forget. I am truly sad to say goodbye to this series but no doubt, Ms. Halston has more greatness up her sleeve to share with us. I will be ready and be waiting for more!!!!

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***Worth the Fight Series***
Against the Cage (Worth the Fight, #1) by Sidney HalstonFull Contact (Worth the Fight, #2) by Sidney HalstonBelow the Belt (Worth the Fight, #3) by Sidney HalstonLaid Out (Worth the Fight, #4) by Sidney HalstonFighting Dirty (Worth the Fight, #5) by Sidney HalstonStacked Up (Worth the Fight, #6) by Sidney Halston

*ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.


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