Saving a Legend by Sarah Robinson

~4 Crazies Stars~

“I want to wrap my arms around you and feel your heart beating next to mine, but I’ll settle for a conversation.”


Saving a Legend is the second book in the Kavanagh Legends Series. The Kavanagh Family is a family full of lovers and fighters. With strong Irish parents, the Kavanagh boys are always getting into trouble, and it takes a special kind of woman to “try” and tame their wild spirits. After readingBreaking a Legend, the first book in this series, I was instantly hooked on these fighters and their women! Kieran and Fiona’s story is phenomenal and was a perfect delight to heat up my summer reading!

“That man sure knew how to excite a woman.”

Kieran hasn’t had the easiest life. Although he has had a strong family at his back, he landed in jail after wasting his youth on street fighting. Now that he is finally released, he has a positive outlook on life and is looking forward to turning things around. As part of his parole, he is assigned to work in a center for at-risk youth. While buying flowers for his mom, he is enamored by the flower shop owner Fiona. Days later he meets one of the little girls at the center named Shea and it turns out Shea is Fiona’s younger sister.

“I thought we cleared this up earlier when I told you I want you, every part of you.”

Fiona is a struggling young mother. She is barely making ends meet as she tries to raise her autistic sister and keep her flower shop afloat. The last thing on her mind has a man in her life. When Kieran enters her world, she is immediately taken by him. Both Kieran and Fiona have demons in their past, and their friendship becomes a sweet distraction from all of the pain and heartbreak they have both experienced.

“You feel fucking amazing, Fi. Like you were made for me.”


“He had a feeling that she could be a game changer for him, and he wanted that. he wanted her.”

When Fiona and Shea get into trouble, Kieran, and the Kavanagh Family are quick to jump in and help. The friendship between Kieran and Fi quickly transforms into a passionate relationship as Kieran does everything he can to prove that he is worthy of her love. But when all is revealed, will Fiona, and Kieran be able to see past the demons of their past?

“This wasn’t just sex. It wasn’t just physical. It was more than just the sensitive press of body against body. She was more to him. This was…love.”


“I want to be with the type of woman…who makes me laugh, and whose smile lights my whole day. A woman whose body is so perfectly made for mine that I can’t imagine touching anyone else ever again.”

Told in dual POV, Saving a Legend is a fantastic blend of passion, romance, and family bonds. The characters are complex and very endearing. I am 100% in love with this family and their men (fanning myself). The writing is detailed and so intimate that I want to jump into the pages and join them on one of their family dinners. I especially enjoyed Kieran’s story because he is a young man who has made mistakes. Not only does he work to overcome his discrepancies, but he owns them. He works hard to rebuild trust with his brothers and his parents. Additionally, anytime there is a character with special needs I am moved. When an author can imitate life so naturally and weave it into a love story with such heart, it becomes a story that I want to read, re-read, and tell others to read. I was completely blown away by the depth of emotions that were evoked. There were certain elements that were a tad predictable and yet; it was beyond sweet, sexy, and unforgettable.
Overall, I cannot say enough about Saving a Legend and this entire series! If you are a fan sweet, sexy, and alpha heroes and their sassy sidekicks than this will be one series you will not want to miss! The next book in the series will be out later this year and I cannot wait!!!!!

Find my review on GR here:
***Kavanagh Legends Series***
Breaking a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, #1) by Sarah RobinsonSaving a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, #2) by Sarah RobinsonBecoming a Legend (Kavanagh Legends #3) by Sarah Robinson

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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