Backfire~by Keri Lake


“My only law is survival.”


Backfire is book 2 in the Vigilantes Series. Full of heart-stopping action, dark romance, passion, and complex characters this is a must read for contemporary romance fans.


“Sometimes, a love so pure and strong can make others jealous and cruel. But you must never give up on love, because true love never goes away.”

Lucia is alone and struggling through life. After experiencing trauma and abandonment, she has found a semblance of peace through the lens of her camera. Venturing through the streets of the city, she acts as an underground reporter capturing stories through the pictures she takes. When she inadvertently stumbles into trouble, she is instantly turned into prey to the ruthless men running the underground.

“I promised myself, if I survived the hell I’d been sentenced to, I would make them pay for what they’d stolen from me.”

Jase is no stranger to life in the dark. After witnessing brutality and being locked away, he is finally released and able to seek vengeance for those that have taken from him. With his trusted knife, “Black Betty”, and a plan he takes off into the night. He never expected that one girl would step in and change everything.

“Innocent. And fuck, if I didn’t get hard at the thought of corrupting innocence.”


“What the hell was he doing? As he slicked soap over his body, I stood like an idiot, like a trained puppy, waiting for my master. Bastard.”

As the plot begins to unfold, Jase and Lucy are brought together. Both terribly broken, they seem to have exactly what each other needs. Both are stubborn and set on protecting the other from discovering the horrible truths from their pasts. However, as the pieces fall into place, it becomes evident that Jase and Lucy together are the tether that will carry them through the storm.

“Suffocating me with his kiss. The fury of his lips had my senses flicking off, one by one, until the only one I left was the taste of him on my tongue.”


“She’d mind-fucked a hole right through my skull threatening to dredge up something I’d buried a long time ago. Hope.”

Told in dual POV, Backfire was simply stunning! The relationship between Jase and Lucy was full of raw passion and undeniable need. Both have experienced brutality individually and together, and there were moments in the read that made my heart stop and my insides cringe. The plot is thoroughly developed, and I was held captive to my KINDLE for the entire read. I felt each moment in my gut and my heart. The passion between Jase and Lucy was addictive and intense. Additionally, the supporting characters enhanced the read and gave us the promise of more greatness to come! I would love to expand more on the plot, but truthfully this is one read that you should experience blind. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

“She glowed. So goddamn beautiful, it hurt to look at her. Like an eclipse, I knew the longer I stared, the more fucked I’d be. Even so, I cupped her face, the dark ink of my tattoos against peaches and cream skin. Dark and light. Night and day.”


I honestly cannot say enough about my excitement for this read! If you like action and dark romance, you must check out Backfire. When if comes to contemporary romance, Ms. Lake knows how to deliver every time!

View the Trailer:

***Vigilantes Series***
Ricochet (Vigilantes, #1) by Keri LakeBackfire (Vigilantes, #2) by Keri Lake

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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