The Seduction~by Shay Savage


“I won’t hurt you. I swear I will make it perfect for you.”


The Seduction is the second book in the Unexpected Circumstances Series and believe me when I say….I am HOOKED!!!! Lady Alexandra has been thrown into a world of royalty and with the fiercely passionate and powerful Sir Branford, the twists and turns in this read will leave you breathless!
As Sir Branford and Lady Alexandra begin to settle in their new life together at the castle, not everyone is supportive of their success. Alexandra is still battling her feelings of awkwardness with her new station. She is unsure about how to behave, and although she is beginning to feel safe in her husband’s arms, even he cannot protect her from the hatefulness of others. Thankfully, the Queen and Ida, Sir Branford’s Sister, are supportive and willing to offer her everything she needs to find her way.


“I feel …. safe here… in your arms.”

Sir Branford is patient and loving to his new bride. Although he wants so badly to do right by her, he doesn’t always know exactly how to do it. Additionally, he still has a Kingdom to serve and enemies to cut down. As the plot continues to unfold, it becomes evident that Alexandra is exactly what Branford needs to find peace and happiness. However, can he do what it takes to win her trust and her love?
Overall, The Seduction was another stunning addition to this series. I feel like I am being swept away to a magical place. The complexity between the characters continues to captivate me. I am thoroughly invested in this tale and every moment in this world is laced with romance, passion, and intrigue. Ms. Savage has done it again!!!! Off to Book 3!!!!!

***Unexpected Circumstances Series***
The Handmaid (Unexpected Circumstances, #1) by Shay SavageThe Seduction (Unexpected Circumstances, #2) by Shay SavageThe Consummation (Unexpected Circumstances, #3) by Shay SavageThe Shortcoming (Unexpected Circumstances, #4) by Shay Savage

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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