My Rating 4.5 ★★★★★ Black Sparrow & Warhawk Stars

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Type: Standalone Book 2 from Vigilantes series
POV: Shifting – Multiple

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“Every one of us hides a monster…A primitive side of the brain that runs on a single instinct to survive.”


Jase Hawkins had a horrible childhood.  With an abusive step-father and a junkie mother; he grew up alone and fighting to defend his and his little brother’s lives.  One devastated tragedy had him wanting to survive only to avenge the loss of his love ones. Life for Jase has never been great he almost gave up so many times but one occurrence brought him to a girl that saved him.  Never in a million times would he ever think that this little girl was going to mark him and make him want to be a better person.

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 Lucy Novaková was a photographer; she wanted to explore the world thru her lenses but one night changed her life forever.  She witnesses something she shouldn’t have and a road to survived brought her to the one man she never thought she would ever see again.   She was held as captive until she could escape but then she realized escaping would only get her killed. 

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Jase was ruthless and he believed in his own justice and he was bound to do whatever it took to make whoever was responsible of his love ones death pay with blood.  He would not stop until he gets his revenge; however he never considered falling for her.  Jase didn’t believe in love it was something he never had and was scared to even tried it because if he fell in love it could be taken from him so fast; he didn’t think he could survive it again.  Lucy however loved hard; she believed Jase was good deep inside. Once she was able to understand his pain she wanted to save him so badly.  She was so strong I absolutely loved her character.  She didn’t take no for an answer either and she was a fighter she would fight for what she believed. 

“For a moment, we weren’t Jace and Lucia, but elements of fire and ice, light and darkness, charging the particles of air around us a cataclysm of destructive energy.”

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Overall this book was a fast page turner I enjoyed it so much.  It was packed with so much action and suspense.  If you enjoyed Ricochet you will love this one.  Even thought is not a part of Ricochet; Alec was mentioned and I about had a mini heart attack because of the excitement haha.  I did cry on this book I am not even ashamed; the history of Jase and what him and his brother went thru really hurt me.  I was bawling like a baby I fell in love with Jase so hard it is truly easy to love him.  I also enjoyed the side characters like his best friend which I am dying to read more about on the next book. Lovers of action, suspense, and a great romance will truly enjoy this ride.

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Book Order Series:
Ricochet (Vigilantes, #1) by Keri Lake Backfire (Vigilantes, #2) by Keri Lake Ballistic (Vigilantes, #3) by Keri Lake

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Backfire Book Trailer ~ Fan made by Crazies R Us 


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