Moonshot~by Alessandra Torre

~4 Crazies Stars~

“Together, we would only bring chaos.”


Moonshot is a stand-alone contemporary sports romance expertly blended with love, intrigue, action, and mystery. However, this is not your ordinary sports romance. With murder, baseball, and forbidden love, Moonshot will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read!


“Spikes first?”

Ty Rollins has spent her entire life in the baseball world. The daughter of a closer for the New York Yankees, she has been a part of the team her entire life. As the “bat-girl”, she supports the players on and off the field. At the ripe age of seventeen, the only thing of significance in her life is the game and the love of her father. But, when Chase Stern joins the team, everything changes.

“He was beautiful. He was perfection. And he had, according to the news report title, been a very bad boy.”

Chase is a “bad boy” and the “superstar” of the game. As soon as he enters Yankee Stadium, he meets Ty and is immediately taken by her. Although she is too young, he can’t help himself. Despite her father’s attempts to keep them apart, Ty and Chase form a friendship, and a forbidden romance begins.

“I wrapped my arms around his neck and let his kiss crash into me.”

As the season heats up, Ty and Chase grow close, and it seems as though they are heading straight to an HEA. However, mistakes are made, and Chase and Ty are torn apart.

“Look at me, Ty. Stay with me, baby.”


“With every single play, I thought of him. With every single play, I died a little more.”

Four years later and life is significantly different for both Chase and Ty. Ty still lives and breathes the Yankees but now is married to the owner of the team. Chase is playing ball and thriving wearing other colors. With the Yankees on a loosing streak and a serial killer in their midst, the team needs a “dead ringer” to bring the team to win the Championship! When Chase is traded back on the team, Ty is terrified. Together again, Ty and Chase must overcome the feelings from the past, face their present, and perhaps make a way for their future. With murder looming and the championship at stake, will their love be enough to survive?

“There was no stopping this. There was no more resisting. Damn any of the consequences, damn any future heartbreak.”


Told in dual POV, Moonshot is sexy, romantic, and pulls at your heart. The tempo is fast paced, and the mystery will keep you guessing until the very end. Chase and Ty are both quite complex, and their relationship was quite touching. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the dynamics of the game and the relationship between Ty and her dad. Due to the separation of the two and the circumstances they face, the angst factor is quite high in this read. There are some delicate elements that are explored, and yet, I couldn’t help but root for Ty and Chase the entire read!


Moonshot is a definite home run for Alessandra Torre. With endearing characters, smoking hot romance, and BASEBALL, this is a perfect summer read!

***This was a BR with my Shhluts!***…

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*



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