ARC/LOYDA’S REVIEW~ CLEAT CATCHER by Celia Aaron & Sloane Howell



My Rating 4★★★★ Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 2 of 2 from Cleat Chase Duet
POV: First Person – Dual

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Nikki Graves; a spoiled daughter who comes from a wealthy family has always been fascinated baseball players becoming a cleat catcher follower haha.  She falls into a three year relationship with the catcher of a baseball team but fails to let her family in on her relationship afraid of what they may think of it.  However; their relationship was super hot and steamy.  Nikki didn’t have any complaints when it came to pleasure.


Braden Bradford; as a team captain and catcher of the Ravens has been struggling a bit with a knee injury.  He fails to let his team know and specially his girlfriend Nikki.  He loves her too much to freak her out; the thing he doesn’t know is that all she is looking from him is honestly.  Braden is put in a situation he has never been before.  He always assumed that Nikki knew how much she means to him only because their relationship in bed works so well and living together as well. However; he had to open up to her before he loses one of the most important people in his life.


This was such a funny read between Braden’s sister who just cracked me up the entire time and the best friends I enjoyed this fast, sexy read.  If you are looking for a sexy funny sports read this book is for you.  I loved how everyone stood up for each other, family, friends and players.  This story was super enjoyable. 

Book Series Order:
Cleat Chaser (The Cleat Chaser Duet, #1) by Celia AaronCleat Catcher (The Cleat Chaser Duet, #2) by Celia Aaron

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