Ransom~by Callie Hart

~5 Crazies Stars~

“The power of such a love constantly feels like it’s about to overwhelm me, rob me of my senses, take what little control I have left within me and dash it into pieces. And it feels incredible.”


Ransom is the third book in the Dead Man’s Ink Series. I am thoroughly addicted to this series as it is full of non-stop action, smoking hot steam, a plot that doesn’t stop, and complex characters! Callie Hart is like an enchantress drawing me in with every word she writes!

“No one has ever made me feel so safe. So protected.”

Ransom begins six months after the conclusion of Rogue. Sophia and Rebel are together in every way, and life couldn’t be sweeter. Sophia is quite busy as a new prospect for the club and spending time with Jamie underneath the sheets. Club life seems to be well suited for Sophia and yet, when the cartel begins to stir up more trouble, Jamie and Sophia find themselves right in the middle of the chaos.

“It’s all good, sugar. We have plenty of explosives of our own.”

As the cartel threatens to infiltrate the happy bubble Jamie has created for Sophia, tensions rise between the happy couple. Sophia wants to help and when Jamie’s love and concern for her well-being threaten her ability to assert her desire to fight, their love is put to the test. Due to Sophia’s current status as a “missing person”, the stakes could not be higher!

“Ever since she became a prospect, she’s been proving herself braver and more ferocious than many of the oldest club members, though. She’s determined at all times to get her own way, to be involved, to change things somehow.”

Told in dual POV, Ransom is another winning read for this series. The plot is continually increasing in intensity with action from the cartel and the ongoing threat of Sophia being “discovered”. Additionally, the special bond between Jamie and his best friend Cade goes above and beyond the standard bonds (and understanding) of “brotherhood”. The dialogue flows smoothly and keeps me “in the moment” with every flip of the page. All of that being said, my absolutely favorite element of this series is the relationship between Jamie and Sophia! The physical connection between the two is nothing short of electric and I am completely addicted!

“I fuck her with the force of a derailed freight train. After so much teasing, my dick is so sensitive, so hard, so ready to fuck that I have to fight off my own orgasm twice before I give in. Sophia’s thighs tighten around me, holding me deep inside her, my balls covered in her come, and I explode.”

I truly cannot say enough about my love for this series. The complexity of the characters continue to blossom and the promise of what is to come only makes me more desperate for more! If you are looking for non-stop action, smoking hot romance, and a plot that doesn’t stop then Ransom is a must read.

***Dead Man’s Ink Series***
Rebel (Dead Man's Ink, #1) by Callie HartRogue (Dead Man's Ink, #2) by Callie HartRansom (Dead Man's Ink, #3) by Callie Hart

~This was a BR with my girls CC and Anna!


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