Tattered on My Sleeve~by Autumn Jones Lake


“Nothing to be scared of, sweetheart. I got you. I’ll fucking massacre anyone who tries to touch you-even a ghost.”


“Come stay with me.”

Tattered on My Sleeve is the fourth book in the Lost Kings MC. Although you can read this as a stand-alone, I do not recommend it. The characters are so intricately connected and in order to experience the full magnitude of the club, you should start with the first book in the series Slow Burn. The first three books focus on the club President Rock and his ol’ lady Hope! Tattered on My Sleeve is all about Wrath (the club Sergeant-at-arms) and Trinity (one of the club girls). From the first three books in the series, we know that Trinity and Wrath have quite a history together. This is their story.


“This is perfect.”

Wyatt “Wrath” Ramsey is responsible for the security of the Brotherhood. He is all about protecting his club. When he meets the beautiful blonde bartender Trinity Hurst, a simple ride on the town on his bike ignites a flame that will be tested but never fully burns out. Wrath and Trinity share a few nights together, and the start of a relationship begins to bloom. However, when Wrath is sent out on club business, Trinity finds herself in some trouble. She calls Rock for help. When Wrath returns from his run, he finds Trinity is the new club girl for the MC. Wrath is furious, and a battle of the heart between Trinity and Wrath is waged.

“This is it. She’s it. Stop fucking it up.”

Wrath is so broken by Trinity’s willingness to serve “his club” instead of being “only his” that he pushes her far away. Although Trinity is a force to be reckoned with, her past has caused her to be cautious with men. She feels rejected by Wrath and hence, the pain begins.


“She’s mine. I’m hers. No more fucking nonsense.”

Tattered on My Sleeve explores Trinity and Wrath’s past and their present. The history between the two has put a barrier between them that seems indestructible. They are continuously causing each other pain. Wrath has no problem entertaining the club whores, and Trinity has found solace in the arms of the brothers. And yet, Wrath and Trinity share a bond. As the years pass, the glances, the touches, the memories, eventually sweep in and smack them both down with the force of a train. But can they truly forget the years of pain and torture they have inflicted on each other?

“I want her to beg for my cock. I want her to scream my name. I want her to admit that she’s mine in front of everyone.”


“Don’t make me wait, Angel Face. I want to lick, and suck your pretty pussy until you come.”

Told in dual POV, I adored this addition to the series. The characterization was so thoroughly explored that I felt every ounce of emotion with every single solitary moment that passed. The depth of pain that Trinity endured as a child was so deep that it affected her life. That pain was so profound that she had to learn how to accept the love of a man. Wrath, the strong and loyal best friend, was so stubborn that he missed so much precious time. I loved the constant pendulum swing between “healing tenderness” and “fiery passion” shared between the two. Wrath and Trinity are perfectly matched, and I found watching the “advance/retreat” between the two invigorating as opposed to “angsty.” The relationship between Wrath and Trinity also significantly affected the dynamics of the club. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the guys and girls of the LOKI! For the Rock and Hope fans, as you know from the first three books, they are still a very critical part of the story, and you will be happy to catch an additional perspective on their relationship as well!

“You’re mine to protect. Mine to love. Anyone hurts you, I’ll kill them.”


Overall, Tattered on My Sleeve is sheer perfection! With each book, I am more addicted to this series. The superb blend of complex characters, club dynamics, action, and passion make the Lost Kings MC a must read! Bravo Ms. Lake! Bravo!

***Lost Kings MC***
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