Chained~by D.H. Sidebottom

~4.5 Stars~


In Chained, the timeline continuously flows from the ending in Caged where Khloe Grant discovers she cannot trust anyone. Lying in wait, Khloe is prepared to take action, but when the man standing in front of her is Anderson Cain, she is forced to make an irrevocable decision. In this final book, the plot continues to thicken in quite an ominous mode with darkness continually lurking its ugly head around Khloe and Anderson.

“I needed him to love me, whichever way it came.”

Moving forward, Anderson is committed to his plan to avenge his own abuse no matter the consequences. By acting on his rage and pain, Anderson seems willing to sacrifice his only chance for happiness or hope.

“How could you fall in love with someone who was hell bent on destroying you?”

Meanwhile, Khloe’s descent into darkness spirals into an abyss. In order for Khloe to truly move forward, she must accept her past but she has always been more selfless and wants to give Anderson exactly what he needs. With the present and future outweighing her past, Khloe accepts her hand and gives all she can.

“I was created to serve you, Anderson. I was made from the very horrors of hell that birthed you. We were cast from the same mould. But which gift will you take?”

The twists and course of events that occur could not be predicted, as the evil that pervades the lives of Anderson and Khloe is insidious. The evolution of Khloe’s character felt vividly honest and weighty. She suffered and yet she coped in ways that eased her mind. With Anderson, to have survived his circumstance, his mental state swallowed all the pain but his rage had to be quelled before he could truly be the man he was destined to be. The strengths and weaknesses of these two characters grounded them together providing a balance and foundation for a future.

“This is how I want to picture you forever. You have no barriers up. You are you, free from the obligation you force on yourself.”

While Anderson and Khloe felt an instant bond with each other, their relationship was tumultuous at times, with each feeding off the freedom to share in their rage, pain and cravings. With having such a deep yet fiery connection, the sex between Anderson and Khloe is off the charts hot!! It is uninhibited, rough, demanding, and deliciously deviant.


“Pulling me away, his gaze hooked on the length of spit from my lips to his cock, the wicked gleam in his eyes making every part of me throb.” “Suck me until I come in your dirty little mouth.”

With the end of this duet series, the plot is reconciled and questions are answered as to motives of these dark characters. The chapters are divided between first person POVs for Anderson and Khloe which further irons any doubts about their thoughts and emotions. With the inclusion of an early chapter, the dark tone in the book is underscored and the certainty of how the plot is going to unfold remains a mystery until the very end. For me, this series was a riveting read that yielded so many emotions and I loved both Anderson and Khloe for their faults and resilience.

In addition to the outstanding layered characterization of Anderson and Khloe, the secondary characters also played such a pivotal role in the plot structure. Robbie, Anderson’s best friend, really proved himself as a true friend. Additionally, Ben, Khloe’s ex-husband, finally redeemed himself in my eyes.

For those who are fans of dark reads, Chained will not disappoint. It offers a range of themes from revenge, hatred, healing, redemption, evil, honesty, hope and ultimately love. I highly recommend!

Caged Series:
Caged by D.H. Sidebottom Chained (Caged #2) by D.H. Sidebottom




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