Blood to Dust by LJ Shen

“This is not a joke. It is a blood bath.”

~4.5 Breathless Bloody Stars~


Blood to Dust is a dark romance/action lovers dream! L.J. Shen has created a beautifully twisted sexy world that will entrap your heart and mind and take you on one unforgettable ride!

“Home. I don’t have one, but I do have a place I can call my own. It’s called revenge, and I will seek it, find it and soak in it.”

Prescott comes from a world of luxury and yet she has fallen into a world of filth and hopelessness. She is an educated and spirited young woman who has been abandoned and abused and left to fight her battles in any way that she can. Abducted by her adversaries and left in the care of Nate aka “Beat”, she is left shackled to a wall with nothing but time to plan her revenge.

“Broken people do things better; we learned how to make it in life without the missing parts other people have. Because when you’re in the dark, you appreciate everything that shines.”

Nate comes from a world of poverty and neglect. Just released from prison, he is shackled to watch Pea in order to pay back a debt and maintain protection for himself. Nate is not a “good man” and yet he finds a sliver of good embedded in himself when he is with Prescott. Prescott and Nate find healing in each other and a way to seek revenge. Together they manage to take on the world.

“Are you planning a bloodbath, little Pea?”


“He leaves a trail of that sticky blood he drew from my lips with every brush of his tongue. Every little thrust of his hips hammers another pin on his self-control casket.”

Told in dual POV, Blood to Dust is a lyrical masterpiece. The text is rich with vibrant colors craftily embedded in every single drop of phrasing. The pacing is fast and well matched with the witty dialogue! Both Prescott and Nate have a variety of demons to overcome and together they become a “force to be reckoned with”. The tension and release that builds as the plot thickens left me on the edge of my seat the entire read. I was desperate for both Nate and Prescott to find their way together. The passion between Nate and Prescott was intense, and the physical connection they shared was like an inferno that would not stop.

“How rough do you want me tonight, Little Poem?”

Once again, L.J. Shen has blown me away with her creative writing style full of passion and complex characters that I just cannot get enough of! If you are looking for a dark and gritty action romance then look no further, Blood to Dust is sure to get your blood pumping, capture your heart, and captivate your mind for hours of non-stop entertainment.

*View the Book Trailer Here:

*ARC graciously provided via the author in exchange for an honest review!*


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