My Rating 5★★★★★ Dante Stars

Genre: General Fiction
Type: Book 1 of 3 from Broken Lives series
POV: First Person – Dual

Publication Date: August 2nd 2016

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“Often the most confident and arrogant kids are the most broken inside.”





Clara Hatton is the new teacher in town; well a lower class town but is a big deal to her indeed.  Recently moved to England and landing the job of her dreams; at only twenty-four years old; Clara was happy for this opportunity.  She was pretty, petite and defiantly did not looked like twenty four; she looks more like a student herself.  It was that reason that it was so hard for her students to keep away from her; they really loved to messed with her however was bound to make an impression on her students and not let them intimidate her.  After all, she had one goal and that was to make a difference in the lives of her students in a positive way.

 Dante Rata; a junior in high school and only fifteen-years old has had a hard and troubled life.   It would be almost impossible not to love this boy with his cockiness, the way he look, talks, walks and the way he acts in the outside you wouldn’t even guess he was that young.  However; in the inside he was tender and broken you can’t helped but want to protect him.  On the first day of school Dante meets his new English teacher not the way he would have preferred he was being attacked by a bully and Mrs Hatton saw right away through him. That embarrassment didn’t stop Dante from lusting over Clara.

 “He won’t need to be involved if you turn up to class.  Please, just come for me.”…”His lips twitched, a slight grin replacing his crawl. “I’d love to come for you.”

The story was deep and honestly I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The age difference between a boy student and a female teacher freaked me out at first; however this was a tiny and minor freaked considering everything else that happened on this book.  This book is so much more, so much deeper and I couldn’t helped but devouring it all in one setting. 

“Humans are savages, no worse than animals, preying on the weak and vulnerable for their own gain.” Dante

Clara was also drawn to Dante’s beauty and confident character.  However; she wasn’t like everyone else around Dante.  She was good to him and was doing her best to really help him, to get him the help that he desperately needed.  Dante was so stubborn though he kept tempting her so much so that it was so hard for Clara to resist her desires.  

“I had never met a boy with that much confidence, or even the audacity to say half the things he’d said to me.”


The ending of this book is just the beginning of so much to come.  I can’t wait to know more about Clara, Dante and the side characters.  I believe this book is a wonderful start to a fantastic series.  I would defiantly recommend this to everyone who is open minded and who is not scare to read about struggles that other people go through and learn about them.



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Book Order Series: This is a Triology
Broken English (Broken Lives #1) by Marita A. HansenShattered Poetry (Broken Lives #2) by Marita A. Hansen




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